Priest Healing Trinkets

What do you guys think are the best to shoot for? Right now I have Mirror of Fractured tomorrow’s 441 ilvl, which is cool for a stat boost, but the lil dude it summons doesnt really do much from my testing. My other trink is idol of the dreamer which kinda blows.

I don’t really care about rashok trinket for mana…i want throughput or interesting on use mostly, but open to ideas!

If you don’t care for Rashoks mana regen, then you can care for Rashoks healing thruput and stat gain! Seriously. It does everything well and is strong in dungeons and raid content.

I use black dragonscale too, the stat bonus procs a lot and the stomp is pretty helpful for knockup/knock back
fights. I spam it right before knockback (it won’t allow you to use it until you’re in the air) and I’ll barely move (ignore the damage proc on the stomp). Those are my favourite 2.

I try to stay away from on use healing effects; I find them quite difficult to get efficiency out of them.

I haven’t tried the echoing tyrstone so I can’t say much about it other than I heard it’s pretty good and the on use is a bit more practical to use. But if you do want a nifty on use trink the ward of faceless ire can be fun specially if you play with people who stand in the bad spots a lot.

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Rahok is S tier to the point that it feels mandatory for its mana regen for M+ and raid. Also, its healing bonus will be a decent portion of your throughput.

After that the best trinkets are the Ominous Chromatic Essence and the Screaming Black Dragonscale which are both from the raid.

So the short version is all the best healing trinkets are from the raid. I’m pushing bigger M+ keys and I’ve been using the Ward of Faceless Ire because it makes a 300k absorb shield every 2 minutes.

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I used Rainsong and dragonscale until I got Rashoks. Now I am using Rashoks and beacon because I am staying around 20-22 keys and I love pushing that button. I have ominous and I think I used that a bit with Rashoks for raid. I played with Rashoks and spoils for salvation casts but it wasn’t a fantastic as I thought and I ended up holding it.

I have pretty much all trinkets, dps and heals, except the class one from echo.

There are some fun combos. But I would, for sure, get Rashoks.

if you can get the beacon from beyond from sark its fun.

I use Irideus Fragment and Spoils of Neltharus.

People hate those two idk why lol.
Have had 0 complains in doing +20 with em. In fact it was easier time with them personally. Only had to drink once coz of mana.
Between PI, greater potion of power, IF and SoN.
I rotate them as CDs. Each pull has been a breeze.

You can get weak aura for Spoils and time it for which buff you want.

They act as both Offensive and defensive CDs and are alot of fun to play around lol

Trinkets for priest healers? I wish for once Blizzard made it that you could get trinkets that compete with or are even better than the trinkets you can only get from raiding, and often the highest ilevel ones from the end bosses on Mythic–which the majority of players never ever have access to. Some of us don’t really like raiding for various reasons, we are limited in this sense by others, or whatever, and others of us have schedule limitations which means we have really next to no chance of ever getting those “S” tier trinkets when they are gotten raiding only–even though we do tons of M+

That is all I have to say.

I just think that you can’t ever make everyone happy. If they made a trinket that was S tier available in key, things you can run as many times a week as you want, people who dislike keys wouldn’t be happy.

I don’t like to raid tank, at all. But, I made myself do it last season because I wanted stuff from it. Sometimes that is just how it goes :woman_shrugging:

Also, rainsong wasn’t horrible, Spoils is fun, and apparently fragment is pretty spiffy!

One of the hardest things to stomach in this regard is the Vault- supposedly a fallback for bad luck, but week after week it keeps giving me DPS trinkets as a healer. All of those On-Use damage effects are useless for Atonement healing, I don’t understand why they’re flagged for Disc loot.

Would switching your loot spec to holy help?

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For sure. Switch to holy for vault and you skip all sorts of trinkets you won’t want.

When you run Neltharus, you only have a chance at spoils instead of that other silly trinket as well if you set your loot spec to holy.

Ah, good to know.

Really, huh? I havent gotten really any trinkets at all in the vault, except for garbage, none of it dps trinkets or good healing ones. At least on my main that is. A couple times I got the BH damage trinket on a couple alts, which is not bad, but I dunno. And a lower tier rainsong, one of the better ones.

Yeah, disc is a healer. That said, we are the quintessential “damage healer.” But it used to be if you wanted damage trinkets you just switched to shadow.

If you are only doing keys then you will limit your chances for sure. I think I have only gotten rainsong once in my vault and it was early so it was champion. I don’t even think o have seen spoils or anything else. I don’t remember. I run a ton of keys so I have mostly acquired them through end rewards. I run shadow loot spec for all except VP and Neltharus and those two are holy spec. Nowadays I mostly change it so if I get a drop I can give it away. Pretty sure I have all of the different trinkets from keys.

If you run raid you open up the option of ominous, dragonscale, Nelth trinket, and of course Rashoks in holy spec.

I always loot vault in holy spec. Though it doesn’t matter much now I guess.

Playing as Holy Priest. Rashok is still the best because any overhealing gives versatility and it heals as well. It ends up doing 4-5% of my overall healing during most raid boss fights. The second trinket I would recommend is the Echoing Tyrstone. At the start of a fight or before, use the Tyrstone and max the heal it has available. At 441 it will store about 240k healing and send that out as an AoE around a player when they drop below the health threshold. On heroic Sark it has done over 8% of my total healing for the fight when it activates at good times. If someone drops low on their own and it procs early, the healing does go down quite a bit to around 3% of my overall healing. It isn’t quite as good for M+, but can still be a lifesaver and I still use it. It is kind of like having a guardian spirit all the time for the first person to fall below the threshold.

This trinket was so amazing when it came out. Broken even. I tried to use it in raid after it was nerfed and I wasn’t the hugest fan of the rng of it. Like you said, it can either be amazing or super sad depending on it someone randomly stands in fire or whatever and only they get healed.

Maybe it will be better when it becomes part of the key rotation. :woman_shrugging:

The passive stat stick trinkets overall beat out every other trinket as a 2nd choice. Rashok’s is just downright grossly mandatory because you can get 40-80k mana back on a boss fight and in M+ it’s usually 200k+ mana an entire dungeon. Couple this with the Versatility + Healing buff it’s probably the strongest healing trinket we’ve had in years.

Ominous Chromatic Essence and Screaming Black Dragonscale are both a passive 3-4% hps/dps increase. If you compare trinkets on DPS sims for Shadow you’ll see that the Ominous is #1 on just about everything.

The only trinket that beats it out in raw DPS is the Beacon, but you’re also stuck with a heap of Mastery, and lower primary stat. It has its use though if you’re playing with a coordinated group because you can take turns using Beacons to counter boss mechanics.

Spoils of Neltharus is more of a Shadow Priest trinket. You use that with PI + Void Form.

The only other trinket I’d recommend is the Ward of Faceless Ire trinket, but that’s only if you’re doing like +25s or higher. On demand 300k absorb shields on the tank or yourself during boss mechanics is pretty nice.

Thanks all for the feedback. I actually got a heroic rashok on Tuesday so now I’ve got that and mirror of fractured tomorrows. The mirror is pretty cool because it’s essentially a 2nd power infusion so long as haste is your highest stat.

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Woohoo! Congrats!!!

I don’t think Rashoks is mandatory, I don’t use it and I only have mana problems on specific weeks where I can’t drink immediately after combat ends. I don’t think I have missed a key because of mana issues, 99% of the time I miss a key it’s because mechanics were failed or I didn’t time my ramp properly but mana is almost never an issue because I can get micro drinks off pretty much whenever.