Priest Healing Trinkets

I feel like the healing and the vers buff add to its amazingness, making is S tier because it buffs in 3 ways.

Can a pugger possibly get a Mythic version of Rashoks? That is, is it obtainable early on in the raid? Puggers rarely get beyond the first three bosses in Mythic thanks to the wonderful design of raid locks. Maybe that is not an issue for some, but all of that fun stuff that excludes a lot of us from access is a serious barrier. A lot of us could do the content no problem but get stonewalled. I’d change my mind but listening to people like Asmongold does not help. The guy is very rude, but is pretty accurate in his reflection of raid mentaility and the associated toxicity. The idea of raiding while having to put up with raid and guild leads that are often not very nice is not especially inviting. Hence, I am not even in more than one very casual guild, but never raid with them. This is why I wish such trinkets that may be OP would be available other ways, or accessible for people who could do Mythic raids, but are held back. But you cant always get what you want, I guess.

I mean you can upgrade the heroic one to 441 so you’re only missing out on 6 i levels from the mythic one. Negligible IMO

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I got Rahsoks in my vault. I haven’t raided in almost 2 months. Got lucky. But i would really like beacon

Maybe? But it sounds awful. I am part of a casual guild that only gets aotc thankfully. I have pugged the first boss this season on mythic only so far, not sure if I will try any others. Probably not. The one boss I did was pure pug, not even discord was used.

I have heroic Rashoks and I am over the moon with that. :heart:

I have heard mythic Rashok is super hard so I am not sure if would be worth the stress of a)finding a pug that is working on it and b) working out the kinks before being kicked for not knowing exactly what to do.

I am ok with this barrier. Some parts of the game are just not for everyone.

Hope that you get it! I got lucky with it a few weeks ago from the 4 mythic weekly. I decided that I am only using it and Rashoks for the rest of the season in keys, no matter what.