Priest 10.1 Tier Set Bonuses

Our bonuses have been announced.

Provide feedback in this thread: Feedback: Class Sets in Embers of Neltharion

New set bonuses from today.


  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible: 2-Set Bonus has been redesigned – Shadow Word: Pain/Purge the Wicked damage increased by 25%. Power Word: Shield absorbs 20% additional damage.
  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible: 4-Set Bonus has been redesigned – Every 3 casts of Power Word: Shield cause your next Atonement granted by Power Word: Shield to last an additional 15 seconds and heal 20% more.


  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible: 2-Set Bonus has been redesigned – When you cast Prayer of Mending, there is a 35% chance its effect is duplicated to another ally.
  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible: 4-Set Bonus has been redesigned – When Prayer of Mending jumps or expires, it increases the damage and healing of your next Holy Word by 4%, stacking up to 15 times.


  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible: 2-Set Bonus has been redesigned – Increases the chance for Shadowy Insight to trigger by 25%. When consuming Shadowy Insight, Mind Blast deals 30% increased damage and generates 4 additional Insanity.
  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible: 4-Set Bonus has been redesigned – Devouring Plague damage increased by 15%. Every 4 casts of Devouring Plague increases the damage of Shadowy Apparitions conjured within the next 10 seconds by 80%.



* (2) Set Bonus: Casting Penance on an enemy also heals a nearby injured ally at 20% effectiveness. Casting Penance on an ally also damages a nearby enemy at 35% effectiveness.

* (4) Set Bonus: Every 3 casts of Penance grants you Shadow Covenant for 5 seconds and converts that Penance to a Shadow spell.


* (2) Set Bonus: Prayer of Mending has a 20% chance to duplicate to another nearby target when it jumps.

* (4) Set Bonus: When Prayer of Mending jumps, it increases the damage and healing of your next Holy Word by 4%, stacking up to 15 times.


* (2) Set Bonus: When consuming Shadowy Insight, Mind Blast deals 60% increased damage and generates 4 additional Insanity.

* (4) Set Bonus: Every 400 Insanity spent summons Shadowfiend/Mindbender for 5 seconds.

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Disc priest: looks fun/interesting

Holy: don’t play holy but it looks nice IMO, unsure as I don’t play holy.

Shadow: first you nerf our insanity gain and now you want us to spend 400!!! insanity for 5 seconds of fiend/bender? seems underwhelming and if mind devourer procs count as 50 for the 400 (which I honestly doubt) then we’ll be shoehorned into a nuked talent after the massive nerf it got.

Not to mention the set bonus just shows they want us to play yshaarj + cthun all the time with the synergy the set bonus has with insidious ire + Inescapable torment.

SP community since SL: We hate Inescapable torment
Blizz: makes a set bonus where you’ll want to have Inescapable torment

Feels like shadow priest 10.1 philosophy is “make them spend two talent points to get stuff that usually was one talent point but make it still be worse at two points than what it was before at one point” (shadowy insight + mind devourer both seem to fit there)

Needs tuning I’ll say

General thoughts on 10.1 tier bonuses: Very unbalanced how much thought some have into them compared to how boring and bland others are.

Disc Priest’s tier set bonus sound good for m+ and maybe PVP but a bit underwhelming in raids.

Holy Priest set bonus is kind of mediocre imho.

We have 7 PoM talents and it’s our #1 heal in raid so they’re just doubling down by making a tier set bonus that only gets it full potential in raid because usually you fire off PoM and it evaporates seconds later.

In M+ and PvP PoM isn’t your main heal.

Also, the Resto Druid set bonus is miles ahead on Holys and Disc. They get a +15% passive healing bonus to their 3 main heals just from their 2-piece.


Shadowpriest only guy here.
2P: Must take SI, SI MB hit for 160%. Generates 12 Insanity instead of 8 Insanity.
4P: Every 7-8 DPs, summon Shadowfriendship/Mindbender for 5s.

Playstyle wise, they’re both passive damage increases unless the 4P is affected by the talent tree.

This means SI is a talent lock. This places more value in MB buffing talents like Mind Melt and Insidious Ire as well. Leads me to believe their guiding us to play DA more too.

If the 4p benefits from Inescapable Torment and Idol of Y’Sharaj, that would lock and limit the talent tree pathing. More value to Deathspeaker perhaps, but back to SFP playstyle. >_>

If the 4P is not affected by aforementioned talents, then the tree is opened for some other talent tree pathing. However, it means the 4P is a pretty weak. lose-lose situation.

SFP playstyle or another playstyle with dog 4p bonus?


Seems we’re heading towards a DA + yshaarj + cthun era if the 4pc works with IT (SFP).

Even more now that we can take surge of insanity + Deathspeaker + SW:D cd being reduced to 10 from 20, it’s highly likely we’ll be playing Y’shaarj even without the 4pc interacting with SFP (not to mention that new talent that makes DP do more dmg, last 12 seconds but cost 25 more insanity + the 75% buff to DP’s initial damage).

I personally don’t hate SFP (despite my previous comment seeming like I do) but I know many people do dislike it so it feels weird they’d go a route to make it (probably) have more value.

I’m no longer dooming that much after seeing SC cd was reduced to 20 seconds in ptr xD :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

Edit: would be nice if the shadow 4pc was 300 insanity instead of 400, that way we’d get it every 4 DP (with Distorted Reality)

Yasss love the PoM tier set bonuses!



If that’s every penance bolt, that’s absolutely nuts. If it’s not, the 2 set is kinda meh.
The 4 set is OK and you can plan around it in M+. But it’s definitely not as powerful as some of the tier sets out there.

Lmao this is crazy in raid.
In dungeon it’s barely worth even mentioning. Especially weird because a lot of the tier sets that reference specific skills on other classes are generally not tied to something so passive.

It’s OK.

That’s a generous assessment.


As holy that primarily raids the tier set bonuses are phenomenal imo

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Shadow one is yucky. MBender is probably mandatory in any build now just for the insanity gen. Getting what has always been a lackluster spell for free sucks compared to the other class’s tier sets and that is assuming SFP works with it.

I’m hoping it is just there for now and open to change after they are more comfortable with where the spec’s redesign goes.

The Holy one looks pretty strong for Raids, I don’t think it will be very good in M+…

I think the Disc one looks pretty weak tbh, specially if we compare it to what the other healers are getting… Both the Resto Druid and Preservation Evoker ones look VERY powerful… Also the MW one I think might be very strong.


I really don’t like the shadow set, what are the odds it interacts with the talents that modify insanity costs for devouring plague? Atm there is one that makes it 45 and one that makes it 75 neither of which are nice even numbers for a 400 insanity proc.

The way I’m reading it - the Disc 2 set is very powerful. Considering it says ‘at x% effectiveness’ that makes me think it essentially means each penance is going to both be an offensive penance as well as a dpenance - whichever you didn’t cast gets a reduced effect.

That’s pretty strong on its own, but if that ACTUALLY COUNTS as a secondary penance cast, that could make contrition very funny. You’d essentially be doubling your AoE healing on penance if you’re getting both contrition’s bonus and the offensive penance bonus. It makes contrition almost a must-take at that point.

Granted that’s pipe dream. Most likely it means you’re getting healing on a secondary target equal to 20% of a defensive penance. That’s still very good tank healing in M+ and means we can be a lot more offensive. The 4set would let us use Scov, get 2 Harsh discipline dark reprimands, then launch a third harsh discipline dark reprimand once we leave scov. That’s fairly good in M+ again, but in raid it’s pretty meh.

Ok IF it has that contrition interaction then I can see it being good on that pairing… Still probably not even close to being as good as what other healers get (and I really really doubt it would work like that tbh).

Otherwise the 2 set basically means that offensive penance operates as if you had an extra half an atonement out (since one atonement converts 40%). So from our atonement healing, take only what comes from penance then add I think somewhere around 15% to it (not sure how many atonements we have on average per penance cast on a dungeon).

So idk from just quick numbers in my head since it’s only the atonement healing that comes from Penance that’s probably what 20% at best of our atonement throughput that gets buffed by 15ish %… So as a very rough estimation I think that would make for about a 1% healing gain.

I don’t think that’s even in the same league as for example 15% flat extra healing from Dreambreath AND 40% hot on Spiritbloom. Or 15% bonus Rejuv and Lifebloom healing… I think those will be more in the 5 to 8% extra healing range.

**These are ofc very rough numbers from my head I haven’t done the proper math but I don’t think they are even comparable in strength.

**This is only for the 2-set bonus, the 4-set bonuses are a bit more complex so not sure what to make of those yet.

The 2 pc is up for interpretation. but im not a fan of the 4 pc. An issue i see is with shadow spells being used in that window. If you have MB on cd for whatever reason you really only have penance. to use and it adds a level of complexity to raid disc that i believe makes it a little stressful for lesser skilled disc. Basically i think i would find it annoying.

The Holy set bonus is only going to be good for the raid because outside of that its mediocre. The current set bonus we got this tier is balanced between both aspects of the game because a quick fire Heal is useful in M+ and PvP as well as a quickfire PoH/Heal in raid. Then you get the passive +10% crit bonus which helps your heals and damage.

PoM doesn’t bounce much in arenas unless its a dot or cleave team and in M+ it hardly consumes any charges because it can take a solid 5 minutes to trigger Answered Prayers.

Also, you’re going to be punished if you don’t take all the PoM talents just to maximize the set bonus.


I don’t understand this. What penance is being converted to shadow? The third one in the chain? Or the one with SC running as usual? Cause it’s not likely will be casting penance in this 5-second window, since it has a 9-second cooldown from the third penance that was cast. Would be much better if any spell or spells other than penance proc’d the SC so you’d have a penance up and ready to use, and hopefully one that was buffed with harsh discipline.

From the sounds of it, its most likely going to be that Current Penance is gonna light up or Something like that and as it activates it, it’s going to become a Shadow Penance as its being casted. then it’ll give you the 5 Sec Shadow covenant turning Halo/Divine star Shadow as well.
This is how I’m seeing it.

The Two set is going to be lovely, and even less punishing if I want to use a Penance Defensively, I love rocking with contrition so these two paired together is going to be nice.

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On PTR I’m gaining sanity a decent bit faster. So nerfs in areas but some buffs in others. Have to see how it plays out I’m sure more changes will be coming.