Pretend BFA never happen

So bear with me. Nothing happens of import in BFA. Most the villians are still around in one form or another. Legion actually does a better job of building up to Shadowlands than BFA with Sylvanas actions at stormheim and broken shore.

So after WOT which technically was at the end of Legion does anything else happen that couldn’t be ignored? Its not like we resolved that giant sword issue sticking out of the planet.

I think I’m just gonna pretend BFA didn’t happen and my DK is still the Deathlord heading into the shadowlands to chase down Sylvanas.


New races joining the Horde and Alliance, Rastakhan and Saurfang dying, Queen Azshara being beaten, Sylvanas officially saying screw it the Horde and leaving, the return of Wrathion, and N’Zoth being killed are nothing of importance?


most joined around the end of legion anyway.

Rastakhan we never met in legion though he could have died off screen. Saurfang is probably the only on the Horde that would be missed.

She could have done that at any point. its not like anything else was achieved by her.

Wrathion isn’t even in Shadowlands.

he was killed but also apparently still around along with Azshara.

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Yes, let’s form a guild that do not recognize parts of BFA lore. Activision lore deserves to be scrutinized.

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Plenty of important things happened in BfA, but I’m not sure they can prevent you from doing exactly that. Like, for me, a Goblin and Shaman main … none of the covenants really call to me. Frankly, it seems like Goblinkind are sort of doomed to end up punished in the afterlife purely due to the nature of their civilization; one heavily reflective of a extremely brutalized ex slave race.

Thus, I’ll be going into SLs with no real consideration for what happened in BfA. Choosing my “For Now” best in slot Covenant, and will be RPing the hell out of the Goblin side of this character for the first time in a long while. We have a bunch of cultists who’s entry fee to Angel-dom is dump statting wisdom and charisma along with their memories? Sounds like they could use some “Ascendance Vouchers”. Simply sign on the dotted line of this special legally binding living world document that transfers all your worldly possessions over to me, and it will take years off your quest for wings. I’m doing them a favor, helping them move on from their mortal lives.


all of the afterlives sans ardenweald suck, and that is for now we may yet see them eating unborn babies.

  • Teldrassil is burned and Undercity is destroyed
  • Integration of the Allied Races (Zandalar, Kul Tiras, Suramar, Mechagon, etc.)
  • Stromgarde is finally reclaimed
  • Rastakhan and Saurfang are killed
  • Millions of people are killed in the course of the Fourth War
  • Sylvanas setting a precedent that the Warchief role is flawed, leading to the Horde council
  • Tyrande’s reasoning for becoming the Night Warrior
  • Bwonsamdi’s ascension to Loa of Kings, which plays into Shadowlands
  • Vol’jin’s whole story of “the hand of valor”
  • N’Zoth’s release and death

And that’s just to name a few. So I mean… BFA can’t really be ignored. Huge plot points that will directly play into Shadowlands occurred.


Aren’t the afterlives bigger than what we see? There’s probably a capitalist one where you just swim in an endless pile of money for eternity.

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They are. The zones at launch are just the ones we are visiting first, and seem to be the main afterlives.

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fine, ALL of the afterlives that we are going that supposedly are the main and more important ones suck.

It shouldn’t be entirely ignored, but many parts need serious editing, just from what you listed: There is no motive for most of the Horde to burn Teldrassil and be ok with undead raising and blights( which in the past were shown to be despised), Garrosh already had the precedence of the same storyline and repeating the same story is bad writing, Vol’jin is portrayed as a fool for trusting some random voice he didn’t recognize so any honor he gets just feel undeserved.


I mean, sure, those parts could have used some work. But they did happen. That can’t be undone or ignored now, nor retroactively altered.

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Only because of your blind obedience to Activision ownership. If enough people ignore it, it is ignored.

  • Teld and Lordearon happened at end of legion
  • Highmountain, voidelves, Suramar and Lightforged all added in legion.
  • stormguarde is still contested last time I flew over they haven’t phased it to be held by anybody, same with darkshore.
  • Saurfang’s death didn’t really do anything its not like he killed sylvanas. He could ahve just died of old age.
  • millions of people dying is easy to ignore as numbers mean nothing.
  • The whole civil war was pointless considering she was just planning on leaving anyway.
  • Bwom’s isn’t the loa of kings hes just the Patron Loa of zandalar now.
  • Vol’jins small quest chain in BFA achieved nothing.
  • N’zoth was a non factor working from the shadows before nothing really has changed there.

-Tyrandes ascension to Nightwarrior is probably the only thing to come into play in Shadowlands.

There have been plenty of Retcons in the past, if enough people want more Retcon on the bad lore, it’ll happen.

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Is encouraging retcons really the way to go about it though? The “eh who cares what we write we’ll just retcon it later” approach isn’t exactly going to lead to a good story.


Seems like a pretty vast over exaggeration.

I’m very confused. What exactly does any of this mean?

Like, let’s be hypothetical for a second. Let’s assume everyone reading this thread totally agrees with you and is on-board for it.

What then? Future expansions are still going to operate under the assumption that BfA happened. Teldrassil is still a smoldering stump, Lordaeron is still a stinky ruin, Tyrande still has black eyes and Sylvanas is still a villain. None of this goes away because we choose to pretend it isn’t the case.

Is the point of this just that we all agree to yell at anyone who comes on this forum and references BfA stuff? You want us all to buy into a shared delusion and engage in this wild gatekeeping system to force everyone else to do so as well?

I don’t get what the endgame is.


That’s not how stories work. That would be like declaring Fred survived the Battle for Hogwarts because enough people ignored that he died and then J.K. Rowling giving in.

And the AU Mag’har, Zandalari, Vulpera, Dark Irons, Kul Tirans, and Mecha-gnomes joined in BfA.

Per Blizzcon Alliance won both of them, and Shadows Rising confirmed that Danath is in control.

Saurfang’s death help set up Sylvanas leaving and her alliance with Death, the idea of the factions breaking the cycle of war, and paved the way for the Horde Council over a Warchief.

Except these deaths are being used to showcase how Sylvanas, and her allies in the Shadowlands itself have gotten stronger.

Sylvanas only left after Saurfang got her to admit to her seeing the Horde as nothing, which completely undermined her doing everything for the Horde PR. If not for that Sylvanas would have continued to use the Horde until there was nothing left.

Bwonsamdi is the Loa of Kings, which was confirmed outright in Shadows Rising. And the novel is another example of why BfA can’t be ignored.

It revealed that an outside factor wanted Sylvanas to be Warchief and hinted towards the Shadowlands by actually having enemies from the afterlife attacking us.

N’Zoth’s machinations were apart of the troubles on Kul’Tiras, motivated Ashara and Sylvanas with their bargain with the Black Blade, killed Ra-den, and ended the Black Empire/Ny’alotha arc/mystery in WoW.

And other stories in BfA will most likely factor into future expansions. Like Xal’atath being free.


I’d consider the allied races to be BFA content, since you actually needed the expansion in order to access the questlines to unlock them in the first place. Blizzard only let players unlock them a little early to tide over Legion’s downtime. The expansion was already over by then.

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