Pretend BFA never happen

This is entirely untrue. You can dance your way around it, but BFA will be acknowledged. You’re messing game mechanics with lore, as well as purposefully choosing to be disingenuous about what you acknowledge.

A) You sound angry. I’m not impressed.

B) BFA happened. It happened like every other expansion before it. Even if people hated it, it cannot unhappen. No amount of retcons can get rid of BFA entirely.

I’m just telling it how Blizzard did. Apparently the casualties numbered in the millions.

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you can see their introduction quest chains to see why they are in each faction.

Again that is not in BFA, that is a quote from blizzcon they haven’t put in the game yet.

Her entire plan was always to bail on the Horde, defeat Bolvar and tear a hole in the sky to shadowlands for the Jailer. Nothing the war achieved changed that goal.

Again this in a book not in BFA, Bwom might be a prominent character but again is likely only to have a small role in shadowlands.

Yet they don’t do anything with this info at the time. Nor has Voljin done anything with it in Shadowlands. All he is doing is becoming a Loa.

Yet even though we defeat him we apparently did exactly what he want and he is still out there in some form. So we did nothing.

True, However I find it easier to ignore those or they will be explained when the story comes up.

All i’m stating with the post is Ultimately BFA achieved very little for the story and most of it was redundant. Not all of it can be ignored sadly.

I think you’re mixing stuff that you don’t like happening with unimportant things happening. Even if BFA was full of polarizing or upsetting things, the majority of the things that happened within its confines had big ramifications for the story going forward. You literally cannot just pretend that it all just didn’t happen.

It’s bizarre that this is even being argued.

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Let me ask you this, If I say do you know the time when the horde started a world war and then a civil war and their warchief went crazy and then fled to another reality. do you know exactly what expansion im talking about?

or When I say we fought an old god but didn’t really defeat them do you know what old god im talking about?

Thing is this expansion repeated so many things from past expacs its easier to ignore them as they have happen before. Sure there are some things that are different but honestly not enough that I can’t ignore them.

BFA was SIMILAR to Pandaria in many ways, probably to a fault, but that does not change the fact that both of them happened. If two things occur in extremely similar, but slightly different ways, I don’t then assume that only one thing happened, do I?

You’re arguing with objective reality.

Just pointing out that BFA achieved very little in progressing the actual story more than Legion had already developed.

It was also tired story that we had already heard before that would almost be better off forgotten than remembered.

You can choose to like or dislike a story, but you’re going to have to acknowledge its existence going forward. It did progress the actual story a lot, for better or for worse - you’ve just chosen to cherrypick what you acknowledge because you just want people to agree with you.

Not progressing a story =/= writing a story you dislike

I just pointed out that the story had just repeated a the same events as a previous story with different actors and locations and ultimately ended in the same place. you even agree they are similar. Yet still argue that BFA progressed the story, repeating the same series of events isn’t progressing anything.

Even going into shadowlands is eerily similar to the events leading up to WOD with us chasing another ex warchief through a portal to another reality where they are teaming up with a bad guy to invade azeroth. We are also meeting old warcraft characters like Draka(who was even in WOD).

This isn’t anything new, we’ve done this before. repeating the same story isn’t progressing anything. Blizzard needs to change up the formula if they want players to get excited for what is coming next.

Doing something similar doesn’t mean that said thing never happened, nor does it mean said thing doesn’t advance the story. It was not an exact carbon copy of Pandaria, it just had a resemblance to it. I don’t know how the hell else this can be dumbed down further for you to grasp.

I agree that it happen.

Im saying im gonna ignore it because its a boring story that has been told before and didn’t give us anything interesting enough to acknowledge.

Im just suggesting people do the same because it actually make me look forward to shadowlands.

Like a couple people have explained to you, that would be entirely unwise. Ignoring BFA might get rid of the bad taste in your mouth, but if you’re going to play Shadowlands, the IMMEDIATE plot holes from it’s absence are going to weigh far worse going forward.

Blizzard can ignore BfA, but they refuse to just retcon it and make everything better


The real question is, if Blizzard officially retconned a great deal of stuff, would we all agree to accept it? If they said “Teldrassil never burned and Undercity was never invaded—but in story only,” would we be happier with this, even if it contradicted what was in game?

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If we didn’t have to deal with threads from night elf players moaning about Teldrassil or horde complaining about being the villains again im sure most of us would be happier.

Why not just use the phasing from chromie or whoever it is and retcon it out?

I mean it was never addressed anyway, so why keep it in the game when it didn’t have any consequences in the story AT ALL, especially Teldrassil.

In the end of BfA everything was back to normal again, although Teldrassil was never properly addressed and realistically, peace with no conditions and forgiving and forgetting shouldn’t have happened just like that. It was just unrealistic.


The Horde saving Zandalar and possibly all of Azeroth from G’Huun is worth the time spent in 8.0 at the very least. Questing through Zandalar was at least fairly enjoyable.

Saurfang’s sacrifice is also worth remembering.

Plus we’ll be getting constant reminders of Teldrassil and other events as we level through Ardenweld, plus other events that happened in BfA.

Not saying you can’t deny you remember anything like that if you’d like though, so have at it.

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Ghuun is the most irrelevant raid boss we have had introduced yet. He literally only comes up in horde questing to be put down right away. Honestly I completely forgot about that raid till you mentioned it.

You mean the one where he left it far to late to be of any value. where he got blasted and died only for Sylvanas to still achieve everything she was after?

Lets not forget that little lecture anduin got to give the Horde about Honor.

yes only to try satisfy the night elf players who were left in a lurch after it was ignored for most of the expansion.

I don’t know what do you want to achieve with this thread? You’re ofc free to pretend that it didn’t happen, but so far you see a lot of people recognize that plenty of important stuff happened during it’s course which makes it hard to ignore.

The execution of the plot was very poor, and I’ll be very salty over Rastakhan for a long time, but sorry - I can’t pretend that BfA didn’t happen. Especially when we have ARs running around such as Zandalari.

One can’t just ignore BfA happened, because it has some pretty substantial effects on game lore going forward.

I mean, two races are homeless, two nations joined the factions, we took down the last Old God on Azeroth at the moment.

But yeah the execution was godawful, but narratively speaking they really just have to deal with it.

You do realize that things like novels and word of god are entirely canonical to the lore of the world even if they’re not presented within the confines of the game, right? This is really baseline stuff you’re failing to grasp.

Look dude, I get it. BFA was a sojourn for a lot of us, and it was considered a very weak point in the lore, if not the weakest. But you’re really reaching to try and find ways to say it can be ignored, when the reality is that BFA’s going to have very heavy lasting ramifications in several aspects - the heavy political upheaval in the Horde, the reasoning behind several major allied nations, and the direct tie-in to the events of Shadowlands just to name a few.

You can hate BFA. You can wish BFA never occurred. But at the very least, if you’re going to have any viable discussion revolving the lore, the most you have to do is acknowledge that BFA happened in its entirety.

It’s tremendously silly to argue otherwise with a basis as weak as yours.

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