Preserve some of the fun batching interactions!

For all the people here arguing, I recommend you logging on the PTR, and testing it out. I sent out several bug reports with some of the tricks that were only possible with spell batching, and they fixed almost all of them.

From what I can tell, blizzard is opting for a hybrid approach, where most things in game are on a 10ms batch, while some interactions are still on a 400ms batch (or at the very least it simulates the same effect).

From that I can see, the developers are committed to preserve all those quirks while improving the game responsiveness. If you log on the PTR and feel like something in the game is missing REPORT IT. Try to be as much descriptive as you can to make sure the developers can address the issue.

Afaik they got rid of spell batching in WoD iirc. The current server architecture process everything in real time. they added some elaborate spell priority system to classic to replicate the behavior of spell batching.

I suppose it depends on what you mean when you use the term “spell batching.” Events being processed in batches (or jobs) is a pretty common way to handle multiple things happening nearly concurrently.

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Both points are really correct.

They didn’t “get rid of batching” in a technical sense, but they did make the batch sizes so small that most won’t notice it anymore.

I will repeat again: bringing this retail change into classic is NOT AUTHENTIC TO HOW VANILLA ACTUALLY WAS.

Neither is the monitor I’m playing on.

Not to be overly technical, but that’s not getting rid of batching in a technical sense. They still have batching.

This is a valid point, as far as I’m concerned.

I think the best solution is to keep a lot of the fun stuff on the 400ms batch
and move other things to the 10ms batch such as heals and etc

Most people dont seem to get that.

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