Preserve some of the fun batching interactions!

Imbue weaving
Windfury Storage (Both the Stormstrike macro + /cast /stopattack/stopcast macro)

Seal Twisting
The reck /sit macro

These are all fun thing that will become unfeasible with the batching change
overral the 400ms batching is a nightmare for healers and some other interactions
but the above things are quite a bit of fun to play with, and elevate some very sub par specs to a small degree

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One of the many reasons why no change can make everyone happy :smiley:


Exploiting bad game mechanics should not be preserved.


Hmm… “should” is an interesting choice of wording here.

If I played a so-called original release of Street Fighter II, and Guile’s invisible throw didn’t work, I’d be disappointed.





400ms or 10ms? I’d rather 400 :man_shrugging:

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Why would you?

It’s going to be interesting to see what it’s like when the spell batching change happens.

I do like that my heals will not be batched anymore.

I agree there were some fun things about spell batching.

I know people on my server were concerned about batching and multiple people clicking on Songflowers. Apparently this was tested on the PTR it and still works, which is good for those who care about world buffing (despite what many think about world buffing).

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This iteration of batching was one of the worst parts of classic BY FAR.
Glad its being changed.


I’m not sure what you mean by imbue weaving.

Seal twisting was BC-accurate, and should still work.

The others are exploits.

It wasn’t even real spell batching lol. They used spell batching through MoP iirc. I don’t ever remember cata or MoP feeling this clunky. Fake spell batching is something that should’ve never existed in classic.

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Imbue weaving is the same idea as seal twisting.
Except instead of seals you juggle rockbiter and windfury

That’s what I suspected you meant.

Didn’t work with original BC mechanics as far as I know, but we might have just not known about it.

Absolutely not… these are the very reasons that batching was horrible! Kill it all!

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Removing batching seems like a nice way to really mess with pvp balance. Warriors get nerfed by this pretty badly, if they can’t batch reflect more spells on spell reflect.

Dps comps become weaker if they can’t batch kill someone through healing.

I guess Blizzard just wants pvp to be boring.


How is it boring to force people to play the game properly?

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Agreed, it’s going to change PVP the most. It will be interesting to see what happens. It was probably time though especially with a likely pending TBC announcement.

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If they wanted to keep the fun aspects they could just keep stuff like warrior charge and sheep on the 400ms and move the rest to 10.

That makes it “fun” without making stupid crap like shamans one shotting or heals fully healing someone already dead.


Could you explain a little more? I know right now I can batch cleanse myself of fear and poly, but what are you talking about?

No, stop with your freaking bias, no spell batching is for the greater good of the game. ADAPT and move on.

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