Prepare for the worst if we don't have RDF

Gearscore gatekeeping will 100% be a thing without RDF, as well as the part where good luck depending on what class you are getting into groups.

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gearscore, achievement and logs altogether

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There is nothing wrong with gatekeeping. Freedom of association

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It’s funny cause dungeons in classic Era are braindead any class and spec can steamroll them maybe outside of raiding :joy:. The issue will be meta neckbeards who kick if a spec parses 50 dps under with 2 buttons

Man, you know someone is desperate when they resort to fantastic threats like this.

Let me know when you and your cabal are monopolizing all your server’s dungeon groups via your exclusive discord. What a joke.

I expect I’ll just continue successfully pugging groups regardless of role like I have been since Classic launch.

No one has ever checked my logs or even looked at my gear for a dungeon. I bet you that will continue in the age of WotLK’s comparatively easier dungeons/heroics.

I like what they currently said:

Not my words.

Nah I think it will be fine. If your realm is this toxic, you should have left a long time ago.

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Tell me you haven’t played Wrath PServers without telling me you haven’t played Wrath PServers lol

Your kind is already on borrowed time. Blizzard is actively cracking down on boosting (this includes GDKP–you pay gold to advance/get gear) and this behavior will not be tolerated in a subscription gaming service.

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I don’t ever remember them saying this about RDF. LFR, sure. But not RDF.

So is flying, but they’ve repeatedly said they wish it wasn’t.


Join a guild.

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If you think they’re going to do anything about GDKP when Brian has actively spoke out for it, i have a nice bridge for you

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Complete and utter hyperbole.

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Tell me more…


If you don’t even put in the minimum effort to gear up then you don’t deserve to get into groups.

RDF being removed and never coming back is a god send, it holds players accountable so they can’t just AFK and expect a free carry from everyone else.

If you want a carry you earn your gold and pay those better than you, otherwise you’re going to have to work hard like the rest of us to get that gear as that is the definition of skill based matchmaking.

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He’s talking about normal dungeons 70-80.

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What I said applies for ALL content.

Gearscore doesn’t matter unless you’re pugging raids or something. Who cares really?

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This is where you’re wrong, it matters in every area of the game. Gear determines the likelihood of success in a dungeon and how fast it can be run, RDF promotes bad gameplay by rewarding players who want to simply play a bad spec, wear sub par gear while alt-tabbed out a way to spam dungeons when in reality they should be working hard to prove that they are worth taking in for a party.

Stop looking for handouts.