Premades suck. Fix the game

Just got finished with another Arathi Basin that was over in 7 minutes. Spawn camped, stomped, steamrolled, no chance of winning. Fun game.


Perhaps your team needs to work on it’s coordination. The problems I usually see is that some players try to go it alone or use broken strategies that never work. Other times, players refuse to listen or adapt to a fluid situation.

It’s not “pre-mades” that are the problem.

There’s no coordination you can do. It’s a premade. The premade presses W, your team falls over, and they graveyard camp you.


You gave up before it even started. I have been in plenty of random games were we have beaten premades.

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Try something besides queuing for instanced PvP

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Premade: A group of people in discord, fully geared, with the perfect amount of healers, tanks, casters, being directed where to go by a team leader.

Everyone else. Thrown into a random BG with people in greens, not in discord, 3 people afk, 0 healers, nobody listening, running around not knowing what to do, getting one shot by people in purples.

Krushkill: Just beat the premade.

I play a hunter. The bow from WSG is pre raid PvP BiS


Well, it shows that is a you problem. You get snotty when told something you don’t want to hear. I just could have said “Git Gud”.

Yep, blame the pre-made because your team is incompetent and can’t fight out of a wet paper bag. Blame for getting farmed and losing badly should be solely placed on your team.


They really should add premade vs premade mode - but since they won’t your option is to deal with getting steamrolled in a pug…or make a premade. Sorry to break it to you but this really is the only way currently.


Agreed, they did it in retail, it’s called Rated BGs


Premade. Purple gear, in discord, bags full of free action potions, unkillable warriors with 3 pocket healers

Not a premade. Not in discord, in greens, no free action potions, 3 people afk.

Krushkill: It’s your fault you lost chatchai

Bro, I’m dead within 3 seconds of spawning. There’s no strategy. You resurrect, and die.


RBG’s added to classic might make the game even better, they could have a leader board, cosmetic rewards…etc. I just don’t see them doing it, they just don’t really seem to care much more than bare minimums these days.

You just totally ignored everything I have said. It’s what I expect from players like you. You get a certain mindset and run with it. That’s why you are losing and losing badly. Live in Darkness.

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You said “work on coordination”. I heard what you said. you have to be alive to coordinate. I’m not alive. I’m sitting at the graveyard, resurrecting, then dying instantly.

The time you spend in these unwinnable situations could be spent obtaining Blackcrow and Doomshot from LBRS.


or instead of complaining about KNOWN issues that are so low on blizzards list to fix make your own premade.

The OP wants easy wins, we all do. But with his mindset, he’s locked in a self defeating pattern. Repeating an action ending in the same result hoping it will change, is called insanity.

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I want a fair game


No, you want easy wins so you can get your bow.

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That has never and will never exist in MMO PvP


You are denser than a rock if you truly belive telling someone to “get better” for conditions that they cannot control. He cannot control if other people listen or play with good strats, while the premade group can.

Premades should go against other premades, it’s a flawed system and a horrible experience for the vast majority of solo queue’s that is exacerbated by ranking being introduced in P1.