Premades need to be stopped

Please Blizzard remove premades from random Bgs, this is seriously becoming a huge issue. About 80% of all my bg’s were premade and were pure cancer to play against.

There’s a reason why Rated Bg’s exist, if people want to do premades they can just play that.


And it goes on… years of this in the forums. I empathize by the way.


By premade what do you mean?

If you mean 2-5 people quing in a group… tough. That’s allowed by design, this is a social game you are supposed to be able to play with friends/guildies.

If you mean 15-40 man stacks quing up together so they get in the same game, yeah that’s some degenerate nonsense that isn’t good for the game.

But from a logistical perspective how does blizzard stop it? It’s not like they are using an addon to automate it that Blizzard could disallow, like oQueue did back in the day. It’s just a bunch of groups on disc quing at the same time. I really don’t know, on a technical level, how they stop that without killing all 5 man groups. I agree with you it’s not healthy for the game I just don’t know how they stop it.

Maybe a hard rule that only allows one 5 man group per team? Even that could be worked around tho if people are insistent enough on doing a full premade.


Well, they can ban the people who do it.

The fastest way would be for a Blizzard employee to join each premade community and see who participates.

The more technical way would be to examine which parties queue around the same moment, drop the same queues, requeue around the same moment, and then take the same queue pops. If they’re specific queuing for the same bg, that’s another red flag.

They could figure out which players are in parties that are frequently in the same bgs. To the point where it’s unlikely to be pure coincidence.

They could pull up the logs right now and find the cheaters.


This seems a little intense of a solution. It’s like we are skipping right over the drafting of the law and going straight into police raids.

I think it’s also out of hand, but I think Blizz just making a statement and wrapping it up with a “there will be consequences” would suffice. If they continue, then throw the leaders a ban. That’ll get the point across without throwing the ban wave at every single person. It’s not like they need proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. They throw bans out all the time for less.


Blizzard has already stated that premade raids drive other players away from PvP.

Premade raiders see all the pugs leaving their games.

They don’t care what you say or how they negatively affect PvP until they see actual bans handed out.


True. They made the statements and then purged their social media and forums of any “controversial” topics, in a very cowardly move.

I do think that by cutting off the heads of these communities that the rest will fall apart.


Which I don’t see them actually doing.


Disagreed. Playing with pre-mades ensures you don’t get annoying pugs that don’t play with the team or just leech. If anything Blizzard should make it possible to queue up with bigger groups. Epic Battlegrounds don’t have a rated counterpart, and currently the only raid content you can play with more than 10 people is PvE.

Compare EBGs to LFR, but without the missing counterpart of normal/heroic (unrated), and mythic (rated)


I’d be fine with this as long as the stipulation was you can only be paired up against others queueing in a raid group. If you’re worried about specific fill requirements (such as you queueing as a 38man raid and need two more), give solo/party queues the OPTION through a checkbox if they want to serve as backfill to raid queues. Separate the raid/community queues from normal solo/party queue.


^ I’d be ok with that.

But let’s guess what would probably happen. Long queues or a losing premade raid? They’d keep sync queuing.

That’s exactly why Blizzard (if they did allow this,) should make a statement after revealing this change that they understand the need to want to fight in a coordinated group etc etc but it’s not fair for a coordinated group to fight a pug and that from now on, community premades should stick to the premade queueing and not sync queues. Anyone abusing it even though there’s now a proper avenue will face the consequences.


Yeah, but nobody would believe that until someone actually gets banned.

But this is all hypothetical anyways.

i agree. they are a problem with people. most leave early and do not want to see. it’s lame for noobs doing it.

They need to say something, one way or the other. WoW’s competition is more modern and graphically advanced, but WoW epics are better in my opinion.

I love the camaraderie and fun times in communities, people I’d never have met otherwise. Many I’d gladly friend on social media. But the sync queues have just gone too far for me to participate in any longer.


There is no way that new players, that managed to hang on through the neglected leveling experience, enjoy queing for casual bg’s just to be farmed by bored vets that can’t hack it in rbg’s.


Why do we want to stop people from playing with friends/guildies/communities?


It’s fine to play with friends/guildies/communities. Just keep the premade to 5 or fewer.

It’s a problem when the premade is 6+.

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Why is it a problem for casual players to want to play with guilds/communities in large scale pvp content? Do ppl hate losing that much?


20 in a 40 player match - unfair.
5 in a 10 player match - fair.

Once again, how does this equate?