Premades in random bgs (yes I’m going there again)

Inb4 someone says respond to one of the other threads. I don’t really care. It’s a problem still. Just did 3 bgs back to back all had 5 man premades on alliance side. How is this fair? Lol. The group of 5 I’m almost positive we’re in comms. Like I don’t get it.

Look I understand you want to play with friends, sometimes I do too, but if I do that and I group up with 4 other friends in comms I should be put against a group that has 4 other ppl from the same group. There has to be some kind of change where if you’re grouping up with 5 other ppl you’re being put up against another group of 5 ppl and if your que time is longer, welp, then your que time is longer because you made the decision to group with 5 other ppl in comms. Premade vs premade. I’m tired of getting home from work to do a quick bg before bed only to face a premade of 5 people and be completely stomped and gy camped. This doesn’t make me want to play at all.

And also how is this fun for the premade group, don’t you WANT a challenge? Lol. Does it feel good to you to do a random bg knowing you’re going to stomp the other side with no effort or skill? Crazy pants, I just don’t get it, lol.

Please force premades of 5 ppl grouping up to go against other premades in random bgs, because as a player who’s been subbed since 2007 I’m on the verge of cancelling my sub and that makes me sad pants.


did we really need another thread on this you couldn’t just comment on the other 3 threads we already have ?


Honestly I really don’t care, lol. I also said that in my first sentence, but thanks for your irrelevant response.


Also, I’m pretty sure the other threads speak of premades in randoms and them not wanting them to exist at all. I don’t think that. Premade if you want, but if you decide to do that then that premade needs to be up against another premade. And if the que time is longer…oh well… you signed up for that.


it would be best to contribute your comment to the other threads instead of spamming up threads about the same topic .


this could have easily been commented in the other threads aswell fyi .

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Forum police calm down. A lot of the threads on this subject have been so derailed the actual content isn’t about the content that was actually started.


none of those threads have been derailed im still actively posting in them .

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These people use the same excuses every time…“it’s an MMO, grouping is what it is made for” and “I want to play with my friends” blah blah blah.

What they really want is to roflstomp pugs without any chance of losing. If they are only put up against other premades that would not happen. If they lost 50% or more of their matches they would not be grouping, guaranteed. If they were really all about the coordination and stuff they would be playing rated, not casual. Everyone knows this is about the roflstomp of pugs and nothing else. You get to lol over comms with your boys on how you just 5v1’d some pug guy who never had a chance. It’s lame.


Well let’s see.
I’ll stop joining premades when pug’s stop.

AFKing, deserting after the first pull, fighting in the road, refusing to listen to any strat, saying it’s random ‘no one cares’… and more that don’t come to mind right now.

This is in both bg’s and Ebg’s


Its because you can’t handle rated plain and simple or you would choose to fight people similar


I’m curious how you know who’s grouped up in a premade. Can you share the addon you’re using that tells you who’s grouped up in battlegrounds? Or what proof you have that you’re facing 5 man premades?


Sure that’s fine.

It already does this btw. It tries to put 5mans vs 5mans, of course it’s not prefect, but most of the time in a 5 stack you do face other groups.

How do you know there wasn’t a 5 man group on your team? Is it not possible groups are being paired up and your teams 5man is not carrying as hard as their 5man?

Why is it that people say this is if it’s not true. WoW is an online game where the vast majority of end game content is build around group activities. This is a social game. Like it or not it’s the truth.

If one chooses to play solo in a social game that’s fine, you’re not required to get along with other folks. But you will be at a disadvantage sometimes, that’s just the way it is.


This couldn’t be anymore of a flat out lie .

I can handle rated . Sometimes I just don’t want to que rated .

It’s not our fault blizz puts pugs vs premades . You have the same tools .

As a solo player I have no problem vs premades they have always been a thing .

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They don’t that’s the problem. For all they know they got beaten by pugs .

Can you please link the other 3 threads?

A key part of WoW’s success over other MMOs was that you could easily play it solo. You didn’t need to group up to make decent progress in the game.

But, you also don’t know if they were beaten by premades.


Battleground enemies attachment, it shows who’s the party leads in a group. So if you’re in an Epic and several people have a crown next to their name then you know that they are the lead of a premade.


There’s this thing, if you hover over someone it lets you know thier name and what guild they are in. Shocker I know lol. I have time to do that while I’m infinitely a ghost at the gy.

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And sometimes you just don’t have the people or energy for rated, or you’re getting honor gear and the boys want to give you a hand.

Was the case with my blue team rogue last night.

Also yes, the game does try to match groups with other groups, but it’s not perfect and sometimes there’s no other group to match you with.