Premade vs pug why even queue?

So it seems like pugs are quickly starting to quit queuing the horde side AB/wsg queues are down to 1-3 mins during the week until Sunday/Monday and that is not a coincidence… it’s because people got sick of getting graveyard farmed by premades. so my question is do pugs even queue? I watched esfands stream yesterday and his premade got wiped at BS, He was in a 15 man premade (alliance) and the horde had a 10 man premade. His group gave up so quickly because they’d much rather stomp out pugs. seems like premades at least alliance ones don’t want to have a challenge and only farm pugs… the only thing pugs are doing is donating honor to the premades… why do you queue? It’s miserable, you get slim to no rep and get 0 honor gains along with not even 1 HK… WHY QUEUE?


Lol the irony is all the premades who cry so much about separating the queues because they want to farm pugs are going to end up stuck having to play against premades anyways.


lol YUP, because most of the pugs already quit. I got a streak of pug vs pugs the other day and it was really fun. How hard would it really be to just implement that? Solo que only option where you can only join as a solo player.


Exactly what I have been saying cause most of the Premades roll over when a premade comes in and wipes them 1 time. Then they let their anger out on pugs and act as if they have mighty skills. Separate the Ques, my ques are long on horde side anyways so a lil longer wait to get in and have an even fight will not matter at this point.


Do yourself a favor and queue with friends.

Why do pugs keep repeating actions that will result in failure? I don’t know, you tell me.

Oh, my sweet summer child.

They don’t know how to make friends, isn’t it obvious? Or they are on a dead server. Either way they have options that they aren’t willing to take

i will keep saying this time and time again. solo q’ers do not belong in classic. Solo Q shouldnt even be a thing in the first place in a game thats about social interaction and team work. solo q’ers are doing neither 1 of those. Go play a different game. Classic is not for you and neither will TBC.

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hate to tell you, you can have team work in a PUG I am figuring since you are a Blood elf you also play alliance. so it may be on the alliance that pugs to not have team work but on horde it happens all the time. Issue is no matter how much team work you set up with a pug when the other side optimized and on voice chat they is a big difference.

they are posting on an alliance toon but main horde. just fyi

This is the ideal situation. I’ve told you many times before, premades don’t care if they only face premades… AS LONG AS solo queuers can’t compete with their honor per hour. If solo queuers are eliminated from the pool completely the system becomes much more fun.

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So you can just throw more pool parties to completely control server brackets?

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People solo queue because they don’t have anyone to queue with, and they gasp want to enjoy all facets this game has to offer.

Just because there are sweaty tryhards farming as much HpH as possible shouldn’t mean that Joe McRandom can’t solo queue.

The problem is even if you split the queues into Group/Solo the sweaty nerds would still group queue in the solo queues in the same way that you can cross-server queue.


Any more than 5 should be capped daily and weekly. Less than 5 unlimited IMO,

I assume that people would immediately devote 100% of their time and effort to try and circumvent this and eventually someone would figure out how cheese a 15 man discord group into pug bgs so they could continue to farm pugs. Wow players are why wow players can’t have nice things


Do you solo queue dungeons and raids or do you network to join a reliable group or guild? Both PVE and PVP content require grouping for success.

Welcome to Classic.


Nah, most of the people premading right now are actively avoiding other premades. Without pugs to stomp they’re screwed if they have to actually fight another premade.


I agree. Lets do this so those horde queues double and i can then read those angry posts


Right, people will do whatever gives the most HPH.

I personally have no problems making premade vs premade and pug vs pug queues. However, if we do that the premading needs an incentive, or eventually no one will do them as they will give less HPH.

Every time this is recommended the pug players get upset and say no changes.

Considering how extremely bad the AV solo days were for horde including being unable to play with friends and competing with 24/7 bots for rank my answer becomes no, don’t separate them.

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Premade vs Premade is faster 7/10 games. Pug vs pug in my experience in classic has actually been super close and long, very long games. That could be me barking out orders and making the alliance win, but mileage will vary.

Yeah, it’s called “LFG LBRS PST”.
That’s solo queuing.

Sometimes you get a good group, sometimes your group sucks.
The difference is, the PVE content is always the same.