Premade vs pug why even queue?

The same can be said for LFG for a BG. The players you get along best with, can be added to your friends list.

Find a time suitable for you to play on future days and work together to raise your team skills with each passing game.

So why should the rewards not be the same? I mean if you pre-made vs pre-made you are vs what one would think a even playing field and same if it was pug vs pug . Why should 1 side get more then the other?


If you’re joining LFR with poor gear and no coordination, it’ll be as tough as doing heroic raids- so we should give heroic raid gear to people in LFR.

And let’s give regular BG runners the same gear as from arena/rated BGs, because clearly a pug v pug fight is just as tough as premade v premade.

I unsubbed after getting trounced by premades for 7 straight BG’s. Ps4 has been keeping me busy now.

Explain why a 15 man alliance team rolled over to a horde 10 man? Cause u defended it in another post about imbalances so defend this?

Because some premade are just bad. When they lose first fight they know it’s quicker to just go to the next one and hope the other team is worse

I didn’t really explain it in this thread. It’s been explained in plenty of other threads.

The game turns into pug vs pug and premade vs premade.

First of all, horde wins more games because they either have more PVPers vs rep grinders or the more dedicated people are the ones who will wait in a queue. Take your pick.

Secondly, we’ve got sweaty ranker 13 premades vs say a guild premade where the classes aren’t really the greatest.

The guild “for fun” premades keep losing over and over again, so the people say “well I’ll just solo queue”. So right off the bat we’ve got the fun premades, which many could say are the best, destroyed.

Then we get the mid-tier who, now that the “for fun” groups are gone, are the lower tier. Maybe it’s the lower ranks or whatever. Or on a lower pop server. So now the mid-tier premade groups keep losing, and they decide “hey lets just pug” and there goes another group of players in an MMO back to soloing.

Then it’s just the highest tier vs the highest tier and even though the battles can be good the HPH is just not as good as solo queuing, so they all solo queue.

Then we have the terrible situation where people can’t play with their friends and you are competing with PVP bots who run 24/7. Just like the old AV days for horde, where no one even did WSG even though it was more fun because the HPH was so bad.

And that’s why I don’t just say "yes let’s do pug vs pug and premade vs premade. I pug enough to see both sides but I still think this.

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LOL what? This flat out did not happen. There were always same server premades going and when cross server bgs came out there were always server vs server premades. This whole HPH thing wasn’t exactly a thing in vanilla. At least not in the way you describe.

You’re comparing PVE to PVP. A lot of people who do PVE can not stand PvP but we are forced to do it because the gear is so good for raiding. I am and I have
always been 100% PVE player going back to Vanilla. I play because of the guild/friendships of those I raid with. Its really expensive to respec every week to a proper PVE spec, and a proper PVP spec. Yes its only 100g, but add that on to the hundreds of gold I spend raiding and it adds up. A lot of premades on my server will not talk to you unless your MS spec as a warrior, even if you are rocking BWL gear.

So its easy to loot down your nose at others instead of trying to understand why they single queue.

Well i mean that’s fair. A warrior without MS in a battleground is literally a wasted slot right now. It gets better in AQ gear but yeah fury warriors are a waste. Give me that sweet sweet 50% healing reduction.

Vanilla was a different story completely. When I said “old” I was referring to Classic in Dec 2019, when BGs released. Sorry for any confusion. I understand how Dec 19 is not actually old.

You are correct. I played in a guild premade in AB and the tier 2 gear gave all the advantages because only like 20% of people on my server raided. Rankers still took turns (although the term was not HPH, and I don’t remember them being called rankers) and premades still got the highest rank players. I’ve heard on some servers it was all about account sharing. The one guy who did that on mine was laughed at often for being a bad player.

Ah yeah that was just a point of confusion from words. I remember a few account sharing people on the servers i played on but you’re right it was mostly just premades getting the best group of pvpers around and crushing the other faction on your server. When cross server BGs opened up at first it was wonderful because all servers put up their teams and we got to see who could compete. It also wasn’t this stupid consumable spam fest that we have nowadays.

It then devolved into trash slowly over time because pugs from other servers didn’t care if you called them out for afking in your battleground. Or they would show up in greens and back peddling. Yeah the term wasn’t HPH but people did take turns on ranks at points. I think PVP in classic is pretty much completely a joke. A few fun matches in a swarm of utter garbage.

Except BGs have a matchmaking thing built in so you don’t need to spam chat channels with LFG WSG PST.

It’s unfortunate because the pre made meta wasn’t realistic in this format in vanilla because we had to do battle in our own servers. Blizzard messed up by giving us the cross server battleground. If it was our own servers only things would have been overall better.

Lmao server only would screw over pseudo pve servers… oh wait they did that to themselves🤣

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I preferred the server vs server stuff. I think it was much better. The world rivalries continued in BGs. I would have liked to see that here. Even now when it’s my server vs my server everyone is trying harder. Everyone has something to prove. The games are more fun.

I can see why Blizzard did it and the reason for cross-realm but it’s not the same. Even the trash talking in pugs would have made a difference to server rep and wouldn’t be so prevalent.


Definitely agree with you there. Server vs server was a lot of fun, the cross server stuff was fun for a short while but it devolved quick. I don’t care at all about the trash talk, i can mute people or just ignore chat. Hell when i’m “in the zone” i’m not even going to look at chat until the battles over. What i hate is the afks, the leechers, the people who abuse glitches, the people who queue up for a team game and then don’t even attempt to play the game in a way that wins.

If you want to make plays for your highlight reel go somewhere else. You have 9 or more other people playing the game with you, i literally do not care if you kill those 3 people on the road while AB flags are being capped behind you. You’re not cool, no one is impressed just play to win.

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Would also screw over those who faction stack, because even though they claim to be amazing players, are actually avoiding competition.

That’s what I mean by pseudo pvp. A pvp server that essentially is pve because there is little to no players on enemy faction.

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Very true. These things are all bad and I hate them too. When server rep matters all of it is less common. I mean pugs weren’t always working together. I have a saved post that I wrote in 2005 that said exactly that, but things weren’t like they are now.