Premade exploitation is a blight on this otherwise wonderful bg experience

Pug vs pug games are so engaging, thrilling and fun; specially when it comes down to the wire. I don’t even mind a loss if both sides tried their best to win cuz that’s what it should all be about. Premades have all but ruined that experience for a lot of people and for what? For gear that you wont even care about in a week or two? An outdated title that means nothing in the upcoming expansion? Your gear and weapons are only relevant for one more phase.

So many people have quit after getting roflstomped at gy’s in ab and wsg. But you don’t care do you


Alliance don’t have this issue nearly as bad. You should reroll if you enjoy pugging.
My rogue has been 60 for 4 weeks and I’m already revered in WSG and AB and I haven’t joined a single premade.

im halfway to rank 13 and still only halfway to exalted with ab and wsg but I should get it in the next couple weeks

Still trying to get blizzard to hand you that R14 cause you just learned you can’t make it? sucks


Just make a gnome warrior on your next go around. Stay away from AV.

Sure you’ll run into premades in AB/WSG as alliance, sometimes 2-3 games in a row. I’m not trying to deny that. However in the long run you’ll get just about as many pug games. Yesterday I think i got over 10 AB pugs in a row.

There are just more horde pugs queueing because of how large the faction is.

No, they dont.

Go back to flexing about how superior in PvP you are to alliance in those AV threads you like to post in and stop crying about getting your cheeks clapped by premades.

Jesus Christ Horde is pathetic.


atleast I know im skilled at the game and better than 90% of high ranked alliance warriors I face off against because I actually earned my rank the hard way and didn’t get carried to it. sucks to suck

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No you dumped unlimited amounts of time in the game. Pugging for honor requires 0 skill, just lots of time and everybody knows it.


You can tell that’s what it is. These guys tell themselves they are so good while farming easy unfair wins in AV. Then balanced matches and premades hit them in AB/WSG and they come crying like babies on the forum in droves.


I win 9 out 10 pug games in ab and wsg.

This is EXACTLY what it is. He made a post earlier today pretty much stating that he can’t get r14 because of all the premades. But what is even more hilarious is that he doesn’t even know how the honor system works. If every horde on his server is having the same issues, then winning more will just increase the amount of honor he has to get and would not change a thing since he isnt competing against the other faction.


we get maybe 3 av’s a day tops, which equates to 25k honor and I have to grind about 100k plus a day to keep up

you know there are 14 other people right?

my server is strictly pve, there are no premades. im doomed to this hell you’ve created for pugs

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You chose your server bud. There are servers with plenty of “Vacancies”. Sorry had to use your guild name there.

if all of the sudden you were winning 100% of your AB/WSG games, you will still need to put the exact same amount of hours into ranking though…

The fact you’re pugging on a server that can only pug means that it literally doesn’t matter the quality of your games…just the quantity.


The ONLY way to save you time, is if you are premading on a server that mostly pugs. This allows you to get more honor per hour than the other people in your faction that you are competing against for rank.

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and you chose the easy way to get your rank. atleast ill feel accomplished knowing that I never backed down from a fight even against full rank 12-13 premades, which is more than what I can say for your alliance premades. you know exactly what I mean

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I actually ranked in vanilla but realized with my schedule (work, wife, kids,etc…) that the r14 grind would not be possible for me this time around.

Wake up, Blizzard. Time to separate the sweatie premades from the puggers. We’ve been begging for months. You need to ACT or bare minimum make a statement; you can’t change AV and then not address AB or WSG. Please respond.

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