Premade BG and Solo Queues

I think by now everyone knows this is a major issue in the Classic WoW pvp community. Premade groups should definitely have a different queue than solo queue battle grounds. Although I hope blizz will not take away the ability to create premade groups for WSG/AB. Honestly the most fun I’ve had in these battlegrounds were premade vs premade and I hope that doesn’t go away. My plea is to just separate the queues to prevent solo queue groups going up against premades.


What about small groups, what do those get to play? Like if you have 3 people and join battleground do you end up in against a full 10 players warsong or solo players. And will dividing the que make the wait longer because if you are right about the volume of players who are in full teams then would the que time get real long for solo players?

This is straight up a Retail feature. RBGs exist there.

I am not trying to give an opinion on what is better. Simply stating that this is not a Classic feature any more than Looking For Raid is.


Are you even listening, Blizzard? These threads are on the forums on a daily basis for a good reason. Your customer base demands actual customer service. Demonstrate you actually give a damn by responding to your customers. Premades need to be separated from pugs…

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