Predictions looking at the new tree

Looks like Just the thing to accompany either a level squish back to level 50 or continue to level 70 with the top tier talents unavailable till you hit level 60/70 again.

the new trees are going to change the game its pretty much wow 2.0

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If I can’t play a Lone Wolf BM this whole talent tree revamp is a FAILURE!


That is an oxymoron statement if i’ve ever read one.


That would be the joke.

No one appreciates my humor.


You said that “I am all that and worse. So, so much worse.” What you ment by worse is you play BM with out a pet. Don’t think you could more worse than that.

Ha! Think again, my friend! I play Survival.

Without a pet. Or a spear. I just throw bombs!


There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s how it supposed to be played, and one of the few who knows that.

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Don’t tell. It’s my secret to pulling orange parses!

In 10.0 when I make my petless, melee, BM spec, I am really gunna blow some minds!

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Oh yeah you’re going to get a reaction.

You’ve discovered my sole motivation. And subsequently activated my hidden trap card. The ninjas are en route.

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Yeah, they say that as if they dont even realize that its hardly even a melee spec.

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This is too soon to determine. In order for there to be any meaningful choice in the class tree for SV hunters, there would need to be class talents that are relevant to SV hunters. Does that mean there will be no talents that buff melee weapons? If so will there be no talents that buff ranged weapons? I mean, what kind of tree is it if there is only one choice on the row that is relevant to your spec?

There is yet a very strong posibility that there will be classwide talents to buff any weapon that can be equipped by the class.

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They have no plans for cross spec-ing you have chosen Spec-Talents and Class Talents and that’s it that is what they have told us so far.

Now a talent that upgrades Aspect of the Eagle or makes it passive would be cool so if you have to leap out the way for any reason you can still keep up some of your DPS for more than 15sec would be nice and you be able to hybridize the class more and how cool is spells casting with a blade slashing the air sending vorpal blades flying thru the air at your targets.

Its going to come down to one build that works period for max dps like the Old Big Tree anyone that thinks different and your going to be able to raid with whatever or anything. One Set up will rule them all as always. Just a washed up old system made a little bigger but still boring.


your going to see borrowed power as talents from previous expansions as you saw convoke in the druid tree.i believe i even herd ion say you will have some legendaries make it in as talents so its not going to be a 100% new tree.

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So like shadowland 50-60 covenant anima abilities Azerite ability at 40-50 lvl range then artifact styled stuff for lvl 30-50 spliced in?

Seems sort of like BFA’s Azerite armor. You go down and pick your best dps possibilites for example and the utility tree will be that last choice that benefited your character in some way but not focused on the spec as it were.

Like the Aspect of the Turtle’s Shellshock that heals you while it is active. Always liked that one.

This is Blizz chance to bring back Range for Survival. We will see.


I honestly have zero idea what they are going to do with the class tree. Pet stuff is useless for MM. Ranged stuff is useless for SV. Melee stuff is useless for MM/BM. They can stick a bunch of utility stuff in there, which is cool, but forcing “meaningful choice” like choosing between Counter Shot or Intimidation is gonna suck. Damage wise literally the only baseline thing all 3 specs have is Kill Shot. Talent wise they could do something with Crows. Maybe Covenant abilities?

Spec trees should be fine though.