Predictions looking at the new tree

Seeing the preview, i already know you will be able to spec into ranged survival.


I was just about to make a post about this.

I’m very interested to see how they are gonna make a giant general hunter talent tree that all 3 hunter specs will be able to share.


I don’t think they will, if anything I think ranged survival (Black Arrow etc) will added to the MM tree.

What I actually think will happen is none of it will be added and it will just be current talents/conduits/Lego Powers on the spec tree and then utility etc will be in the class tree

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You misunderstand i don’t mean, “ranged survival” that we had back in wod, i mean options to allow survival players to spec into a fully ranged build.


Yeah, I don’t think they will.

Blizzard have consistantly said that its going to be a melee spec moving forward.


And yet thier design for the new revamp is to allow you to make nonsense builds, Im looking forward to convincing ranged surival and melee bm builds :smirk:


Imagine being able to spec into muzzle and counter shot?

What about specing into concussive shot and harpoon?

What about MM hunters specing into intimidation? T

The combinations people!

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ranged or melee sv? ranged or melee bm? melee and ranged weapons on all 3 specs again?? would like to see full trees but it seems cool.


That’s fair, I’d be happy to be proven wrong. I just don’t think it will happen.


My goal with the new tree is to see what’s the most useless build I could possibly make. Pure fun stuff and utility and doing no damage.


Actually we don’t know anything yet, but it may be a good way to make SV more appealing to Hunter mains.


Looking like we will/might be able to do the hybrid builds similar to what we had in Wrath.

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Ya they specifically used the word “Hybrid” in the announcement so maybe there is a chance that given the right set up you could use MM or BM and several Hunter talent options to build a version of said spec that closely resembles the old Survival Hunter. Obviously that depends entirely on how these trees actually end up and what abilities end up where but I hope Blizzard takes this opportunity to structure these trees in such a way that multiple camps of players can find something that resembles there favorite version of a given Hunter Spec.


I wish…… I miss a system like vanilla where I could put 11 points into MM and the rest in SV to make my hybrid… That’s not what They are showing though…

They are showing a system that has one generic shared class tree (think Heart of Azeroth or Soul Binds with shared abilities tossed in like camo or hunter’s mark). Then you have one spec specific tree. This is where BM will have Kill Command, Marks would have aimed shot, SV would have Raptor/Mongoose.

It looks like a system that prevents cross spec toe dipping.

As far as the term Hybrid. Blizz can play fast and loose with words and exaggerate in press release… They could mean that Fred can choose to put all 3 points into crit or make a hybrid with 1 point into crit and the other 2 in run speed.

We’ll have to wait and see.


This post mostly confirms that SV will still be melee.

“With very few exceptions, nothing will change in the class tree when changing your specialization. One such exception might be Counter Shot, which will change to Muzzle if you choose Survival. They are both the interrupt button, but are themed differently and have different cooldowns. Keeping that distinction is important.”

It’s actually an implicit acknowledgement that Survival is a very different approach to spec design v.s. everything else; most specs add on top of the class foundation while Survival significantly changes/erodes it.


my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined


Aside from the melee thing, that post actually severely increases my scepticism of the new talent system. Interrupts will now be a talent choice, for example. It seems they are once again trying to take from the base class and make it all mutually exclusive, optional talents. They think it “adds choice” but in many cases it just results in things that were formerly common into mutually exclusive talents.

I still vividly remember early Legion and having to tell a group in M+ that I couldn’t CC when they asked me to, because I no longer had Freezing Trap (SV exclusive from 7.0 to 7.1.5) so unless I gave up Binding Shot for Wyvern Sting I can’t CC… when of course previously I could just have both. I think we’re in for many situations like that in DF.


Here’s your answer:

Can I spend points in a spec tree that is different from my current spec?

  • No, you will not be able to spend points in a spec tree different from your own. If you put points into the Restoration Druid tree, and swap to Balance Druid, the effects from the Restoration tree will no longer apply to you. You will have new points to spend in the Balance tree!

So, no hybridization you pick Bm you are stuck as a range class. The points are just give you a feeling you have some input to your spec.

  • You must obtain talents in the top row of a tree first. Then, after obtaining all ranks in any talent, you may spend points in subsequent talents in the tree (indicated by an arrow). If a talent has multiple arrows leading to it, you may obtain it after fully buying at least one of the prerequisites.

  • Your class tree may grant you 1 or 2 starting talents automatically before you have to start spending points, based on what specialization you are. These do not cost any talent points and are free.

  • Certain rows don’t allow to you progress beyond them until you have spent a certain number of points in talents you have access to.

You get a point and plug it in, no choices just the the feeling like your getting stronger. It is really close to Borderlands talent trees, you level you get a point than you pug it into one of the skills.

I misss being a hunter with melee weapons. After playing classic re release and tbc, coming back to retail and not hitting wing clip felt so awkward. Sure concussive shot is good, just doesn’t feel the same I guess? Plus I liked mogging my melee weapons on hunter Before they were removed from the specs.

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Dual wield melee weapons for melee, or dual wield pistols for range would be pretty cool.