Precognition as baseline 10.1, good or bad?

I was talking about that specific interaction with multiple simultaneous interrupts. I understand the concept of Precognition, obviously. I don’t need to be psychoanalyzed by the WoW forums, by the way, you can chill a bit.

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hes not wrong about people kicking at the same time and kicking the cast AND giving precog to the wizard. def needs to not be appliable if u r interrupted on a spell school regardless of how many u got

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i didn’t say he was wrong about water being wet

You don’t seem to be saying much of anything, tbh.

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on topic of water being wet zanda druids have the best aquatic form

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i figured that’s how it’d seem to you

He should have said something else. What hold on, am I using the word right? Maybe I should reevaluate my conviction

took you 2 edits to come up with that huh

Nah I hit delete by accident and had to revert it so it doubled up the edit count. Maybe I shouldnt be typing on my phone where I have a high chance at fat fingering an icon. But anyway, just thought it was a funny exchange so I wanted to chime in.

Some melee already have talent to increase damage from kicks. Lol. Or reduce kick cd etc. Jeez

Look in your talents you can get damage buff. Oh my.

Melee brain

Bro’s they’re putting it in for healers, surely they gotta understand its too good for caster dps.

Definitely going back in my Lock now after all these changes and putting my Hunter back on the shelf!

Being a mage player this season, I’m actually really happy that I get to use 3 pvp talents instead of 2 again. Regardless if precog is in the game or not, they also removed a lot of the passive pvp talents for mage; So all in all, big fun improvement for mage allowing us more options for active abilities.

Ice wall every match anybody? Oh wow I might get to use arcanoshpere now. No longer debating between arcane empowerment and ring of fire either!

hes drooling rn

im a long time destro lock player who has been enjoying precog this xpac. that being said, it is a tiny bit too strong. it does take an honor talent slot so it should be impactful. if it was being moved to the embellishment slot on our characters, i do think it should be nerfed slightly. A fair nerf to precog in exchange for an honor talent slot would be ok. something like, instead of 5 seconds, 3 seconds would be fair. as a destro lock, i can say thats ample time to land a good fear or big dam bolt as a reward for the juke. I dont agree with being able to almost win games or net major cds off of a whiffed kick though.