Precognition as baseline 10.1, good or bad?

Why not have 4 honor talents instead then

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The reward for lock outs is that you locked the ability out.

If it’s a warrior mirror and I disarm you on avatar warbreaker should I do 10% more damage to you because I press disarm at the right time? Or is the point of disarm that you’re now disarmed?


You can get it too because its an embellishment

Down with the only other useful built in embellishment of the cloth pants

I wouldn’t mind, but that would buff other people who can’t use precog. so giving casters precog baseline and not giving people without access to precog an additional honor talent is better. everyone having access to 1 additional honor talent is probably ok, but at the same time it is nice that it is limited to 3 that way people have to make a choice. If you give everything to everyone than everyone would have the same play style and build. Its basically like that already. there should be more variety in builds so that even the same specilizations feel different from one another

nuance choices should be impactful

Disarm is already plenty powerful. Shortened interrupts aren’t. A 3 second lockout for one school of magic is not a big enough reward to outweigh the risk of giving your opponent 5 seconds of cc immunity and 15% haste.


not entirely true. it depends on how important it is to stop that specific spell. now you have to actually consider whether it is really worth going for the interrupt versus just trying to completely shut down the caster. You can also opt to go for a stun or another form of interrupting the cast instead of using an interrupt if its that important to stop that particular cast at that specific time considering what else is happening

“very often” and “complete outplay” are subjective and anecdotal.

It is an outplay… objectively. and precog is your reward.

I’ll leave it at that.

This just isn’t a reply to anything that I posted
Regardless it’s been nice talking to you about it, have a good one

You too, gl in your games.

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did they get rid of some of the insta casts for each class? I know void origins and damantion are gone for shadow.

If solo shuffle was not a thing and regular 3s was all we had, this would 100% not be happening, imo.


100% Caster main here boys, this expansion is GOATED for casters, poor melee didn’t even get 1 Season like normal.

melees are fine and the fact that we’re starting off the expansion without atrociously low secondary stat scaling is a good thing.

We’re certainly reaching some pretty interesting haste levels already. :dracthyr_tea:

Thousands of rss players pounding on their booster seats demanding healers infinitely heal while on their team but easily lose on the enemy team. I think you’re right

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not really and its going to continue to trend down

Resolve trinket went away because there was only ranked 3s and it was impossibly difficult to play around with two casters. Presumably, they are no longer looking at the impact of precog in the context of two casters always using it together any more, i.e. shuffle context.

I think they’re basically saying that they think it’s more difficult being a caster in a melee heavy lobby than a melee in a caster heavy lobby, given that there is nothing baseline just being given to melee. And that they care more about solo shuffle than organized arena. If there was no solo shuffle, this effect would never even be considered because it would create the same situation in the 3s meta that resolve did. That is still going to happen to the 3s meta, I guess they just don’t care.

I haven’t tested Precognition enough to know exactly how it works, but I think it’s possible to proc it when two players try to kick a spell at once. If that’s the case, it shouldn’t proc while the player is currently locked on any school in order to prevent this. Other than that, the CC immunity and/or haste may be too strong to be baseline.

i don’t want to sound rude, honestly, but i think if you not only don’t know that this is how it works for sure, but you don’t know that’s something to be self-conscious about, you should may want to reevaluate your conviction that you even feel strongly enough about pvp in this game to be throwing around a word like “should”