Pre-Purchase the World of Warcraft®: The War Within™ 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition

Pre-Purchase the World of Warcraft®: The War Within™ 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition

Become part of the epic story that commemorates the first 20 years of World of Warcraft and sets new foundations for Azeroth's future!

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For the first time since I started playing, 2005, I’ll sadly have to pass. Can’t justify $360 CAD. $100 of those $360 being the shipping cost.

Particularly when you take in to account that the Dragonflight collector’s edition came to a total of $228.00 CAD, $57 being the shipping cost (FedEx International Economy®).


I hear you, you’re really paying for the game and statue here, free shipping would’ve been nice.



Any chance we can get a rough idea of when to expect these to start shipping out?

Yep same for me, every CE since 2004 and this is just highway robbery. What are they private jet sending it to me with Swifty handing it to me at my doorstep.

So is this last hurrah from Activision to screw the longtime fanbase or is Microsoft the one doing this? Blizzard store shipping has always been atrocious but now they are clearly in the delusional category.


Before the end of the year is a good guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Alpha is probably starting in early May. Figure 6-8 weeks for that so Beta will be about June-ish. Then 8 to 12 weeks for the Beta. Aug or so for Pre-Patch and live maybe Sept.

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Very disappointed that, once again, you can’t send out the game code digitally to my email address.

Like, what is the point of even giving Collector’s Edition players Beta Access and the 3 day early access (don’t even get me started on that can of worms) if you’re not going to give us the code to USE IT until Beta is long over?


Blizz, can’t you please just sell the art book separately? You’d make bank!


But how long does the pre-order will last to?

I recall that back in the days, there was some cases where the CE were completely Out of stock. within days…

Will it still be up in the upcoming months? , gonna need to save a bit of money there and there for it. and i’m worried(FOMO) that it will get OOS soon rather than later

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This right here is the biggest issue. I just had a long convo with the Gear Store CS about this.

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How is a gryphon rider the statue to commemorate 20 years of WoW?


They’ve done so in the past before. Just comes out down the road.

i would have expected an Illidan or Lich King statue, to be frankly honest.


Wait, are you serious?! For every expansion?!

Egh meh, I’ll wait for midnight collectors since that will most likely have a lot of bloodelf/Silvermoon art with it

Probably recommend most people just wait 2 years when this is on sale just like DF is now.

You already wont get early beta access(pretty sure unless they comment on it) and the shipping is very high for a lot of countries. If it is purely for collection reasons, wait it out.

For the record, im about an hour from Blizz HQ in California, and it cost me $20 USD to ship that hours drive.


Just the ones that have had the books.

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Interesting. So they just go onto the gear store later?

I might have to do some purchasing. Fortunately it would just be fore shadowlands and dragonflight. That’s when I stopped buying physical CEs.

Once again, no music. It was annoying when they switched to a download code (each song was treated as its own album by my music player), but then the Dragonflight CE didn’t even have that.


Im let down = ( was looking forward to buying the CE and the entire worldsoul saga CEs but I dont like the statue and dont wanna pay for it. Price is just to much for that, really what I want is the box and artbook, pin is cool too. Statue is just meh and its all a cheap solid color even to cut down cost like they did with the rag one for classic. Maybe it will go on sale like dragonflight later on at some other date. Honestly ima just pick up the dragonflight CE ive enjoyed the expac and do want it for my collection now even more so since it droped to 90.