Pre-Purchase the World of Warcraft®: The War Within™ 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition

no physical statue of anduin crying? im out.


$180 dollars!

That’s highway robbery!


Is it me or most of the in-game rewards most people would already have those

Probably. I already bought the epic edition so I should get a $95 refund at some point.


You got any of those War Within Mouse Pads in there, or do you plan on selling an actual War Within Mouse Pad separate this time?

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100$ Shipping to canada ?? fix your price jeez… total of 352$ is just not reasonable.


Three hundred-odd dollars CDN is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but why is shipping to Canada so HIGH?


Can we buy it locally in stores like bestbuy ?

I suppose I could understand the $260 CAD price for this one considering it includes a statue, but I really wasn’t impressed by the $100 shipping cost either. (Sadly this isn’t the only thing where I’ve found shipping from the US to be horribly high these days.)

Ultimately I decided to still get this one since it’s also for the 20th anniversary, but if the item and/or shipping are going to be in this same price range going forward I won’t be getting any more of the CEs either.


Not that I’m aware of, at least in North America. It’s the Blizzard Gear Store or nothing.

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It would have been nice for you to gift us the statuette for the 20th anniversary as you did for the 10th Anniversary. After paying for my subscription non stop for the last 20 years, it would have been nice to get the statuette. I was hoping.


If we already pre purchased Digital Epic version, will we be credited once we receive our Physical Collector’s Edition key like we have been in the past? (bnet currency/tokens/ or w.e it was we got in return in the past)

<3 ty


If I didn’t have to buy a new transmission I’d be ALL over this. RIP. The only one I have is TBC

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I wish Blizzard would sell the art book in the store by itself.

I just spent $200 on British Food shipped to me, this is very tempting since it is the 20th Anniversary, but since I forgot to order Crumpets and Soreen, I’ll sadly have to pass! Best of luck to those that order, I hope they can fulfill all the orders!

$252 CAD + $100 CAD shipping.

I remember when I bought WoW CEs for $100 with free shipping from Best Buy.

I’m just…



Not Blizzards fault Canadian currency is becoming low value. That’s a politicians problem to fix

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If we buy it do we get to keep the human racial?

Agreed, but they could let local retailers sell them again, would solve the shipping issue.


This will have to be a hard “Hell to tha No” pass for me. The cost of that plus shipping is a little much for me.