Pre-patch release date

Don’t expect pre-patch until AT LEAST 2 weeks AFTER they announce the end of the PVP season.

So since they haven’t announced the end of the PVP season yet, pre-patch is likely 2 weeks away from today at a minimum.

So you can stop coping it is coming this week or next.


You are assuming Blizzard is going to communicate important information ahead of time… why would you assume that?


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Pre-Patch will be the week of Aug 23rd. You heard it here first.


some of us are copium with patch release date, some of us are copium for time to lvl alts. potato- patato .

but i’m waiting for prepatch to level an alt

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Excellent point friend!

Personally I am waiting for my personal friends Pazorax or Kaivax to update us on the situation! Im sure they will let us know as soon as possible! Blue post with full details coming soon!


Good god they have created a monster lol


Why are the PTR servers down?

They are constantly updating PTR with things they want tested. That is why.

They will 100% announce the end of PVP season or they will have a fire storm of feedback. They will not make this mistake.

There is also going to be a PVP offseason because there HAS TO BE. They have to let people spend arena points before they convert to honor.

I hope so! I dont hate on the devs because i bet putting this together is no easy task and must be a massive mindf#k at times. But i still check these forums non stop for info haha, cant wait for the bluepost with all the info we been waiting for.

ONWARD blizzard devs! good work

Totally agree! Well said friend!

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missed you my boi

I’m glad you’ve turned a new leaf and are kinder and gentler.

Just based on the amount of concern they had for the fire storm of feedback they had regarding RFD alone I would postulate they will likely not care. I hope I am wrong and they do communicate clearly in advance the plans so that PVPers can do their thing. I just think you are putting too much faith in them. You are expecting rational dialogue with due regard for the playerbase… I am not.

Your opinions don’t matter because they will 100% announce the end of PVP season and PVP off season…

Well ever since I was personally called out in the blue post and thanked for my loyal dedication to the game, and my lofty position on these forums… i have a completely new mindset on life!

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Okie Dokie lol

Yeah, you opinion doesn’t matter because it is wrong. Have a nice day…

Thank heavens - this was a thread we desperately needed.