Prayer of Healing (Or all AoE heals?) not healing PvP flagged party members in instances

I play a Horde Priest on a PvP server and noticed something odd with Prayer of Healing when spamming some SM runs.

Since Tirisfal Glades is a Horde zone, most party members are usually not flagged PvP. However, since there’s usually a lot of ganking and such outside the instance, sometimes you have flagged members in your party.

If the priest is not flagged, and uses Prayer of Healing while in the instance, the PvP flagged party members don’t receive healing, but everyone else does. This seems strange since you can heal the flagged players with direct healing spells without becoming flagged yourself while in the instance.

I’ve only experienced this with Prayer of Healing, but I would assume the same thing would happen with other AoE healing spells such as Holy Nova, or other class AoE heals like Chain Heal. In fact while searching for this on this forum, I saw someone mention Chain Heal was exhibiting similar behavior.


This is not a bug per the NOT a bug forum thread.

Everyone needs to be flagged the same way or it will not work how you want it to.

Ah there it is - I searched that thread for Prayer of Healing… guess I should have tried “AoE”.