Power Infusion

Hey, I just wanted to ask the community and gauge where they stand with this idea in terms of PI.

As we know, a few days ago on blizzards statements on class changes, PI was changed to try and balance its effects when given to other classes. In doing so, it also directly nerfed shadow priests damage by nerfing it’s duration and amount.

My idea was: why not let the power of PI be the same for the priest, and be half power to allies. In example, priests will get the full 20% haste and 15 second duration while the other class that got PI will only get 10% haste and 7.5 second duration.

Using the PTR version of PI:
Power Infusion
Infuses the target with power for 15 seconds, increasing haste by 20%.

If granted to a player, they will receive Power Infusion at 50% effectiveness.

Can only be cast on players.

Cooldown of 2 minutes.

This would make the spell more enticing for the shadow priest to use, while nerfing it’s value to be granted to other players. And while 50% effectiveness is just a selected number I used, it can be adjusted as to ensure that the priest themselves don’t get nerfed as a byproduct trying to balance PI for other classes. Say like end of season PI is being a bit spicy and some classes can really use that 5-10% more haste to break the game, Blizzard can nerf the effectiveness on PI instead of changing the numbers.

What are you guy’s thoughts on this? A bit to harsh for those that want PI? A bit to light?

If you read the PTR priest feedback thread and some other threads here you’ll see a lot of people have suggested something like that.

Other options that spriests have suggested are making it self-cast only or deleting it and putting the power into other CDs.

I don’t think from a shadow perspective most of us care about the potential recipient of our PI, we just don’t want to be nerfed because of other specs having scaling problems.

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So you are cool with the nerf to yourself and then asking for a nerf for others?

I mostly play holy and if they are going to nerf PI, I would argue for keeping the same 25% haste for 20 seconds being self cast and then barter for what twins can do. Just my 2 cents.

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The bonus damage contribution from PI is factored into a Priests overall damage profile akin to how Aug Evokers Ebon Might works.

PI is more important to Shadow because it lines up with your Void Form cd because with Disc/Holy you’re just firing it off whenever somebody uses a big dps cd and not for personal usage.

I just don’t really understand why PI is a problem though but Ebon Mights providing primary stat bonus to tanks + healers in dungeons isn’t.


at this rate, I just want it gone.

and to be compensated for the removal.


I don’t think anything they give us back will satisfy people, to be honest.

maybe a proper revamp / rework.

One done with all specs at once. not piece by piece to say that they did something.

not a revamp that just puts in Nelstagia for the sake of it.

Something more new, like actually new.

We did. We got aoe Penance :slight_smile:

Why not add some kind of 5 minute exhaustion type debuff for whoever you cast PI on? Yes, its still broken for certain specs, but you’d forced to move the PI around. I’m not against PI being strong, but giving it to the fire mage and lock while the other dps in the group never get it kinda defeats the purpose of it being a support spell for the group.

**Edit - obviously no exhaustion for the priest who casts it

As holy, I find that PI is often the only reason some groups invite me to M+ dungeons. Haven’t you noticed like half of the keys being advertised say “Lust!” in the description? Holy is already a C-F class healer. I hate Blizzard.

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Just make it a self buff and be done with it. I don’t get why does it even have an interaction with just a second person only. Purposely creating friction in raid teams and causing trouble to the priests.

Make it affect just the priest or make it a minor raid wide effect.

If you only care about your numbers and not the net overall gain to the raid, you’re exactly the type of person they should be nerfing.

Time to reclassify shadow as support and reflavor PI as a shadow talent rather than priest talent.

Because priest has always been a support class and in theory skillful application of buffs is a support core function.

Personally I think self cast should remain the same and, if there needs to be a nerf, nerf twins to where the person you cast it on you gets a lesser version of it.

As mainly a holy priest, I reaaaaaallly don’t want it to be self cast only.


The issue with PI is with how it interacts with classes. Some classes like rogues or Aug evokers get zero benefit from PI but an Unholy DK gets an immense DPS increase. Also, PI benefits two minute CD classes because it lines up with them better than three minute ones.

This is why the whole God comp stuff took off because you could blessing of summer a fire mage with PI + Aug buffs and their damage would skyrocket up to 750k aoe DPS.

Probably putting a cd to prevent damage buff stacking would help IMHO.

Easy fix incoming , get rid of the twins of the sun priest or w/e talent and just bake it into vf/da since both offensive cd’s have cast times it’s a fair trade off . Ohh and then maybe blizzard will quit balancing the class around PI

If shadow is doing low DPS because PI got nerfed due to another spec being too good with it, resulting in both specs doing significantly less dps overall, pretty sure that’s a net loss to the raid.

To assume that blizz wouldn’t balance things to account for the loss of PI for the raid is just false. They’re already adjusting UDK etc with the current change.

Why aren’t shadow priests allowed to have fun? Until blizz changes it we’re still a dps spec and most people that play dps specs want to do good dps. I really don’t understand the hate. As you’ve so kindly demonstrated, PI often just causes toxicity from other players. I’d be glad to see it go.

Shadow had fun this entire season because they or a Priest healer was a mandatory requirement for key push groups. That was caused by bad dungeon design on Blizzards behalf because mass dispel and mind soothe was a requirement.

We’ve been given basically knee jerk reactions to Power Infusion and Mass Dispel instead of just you know… designing dungeons and raids that don’t require Mass Dispel. If Blizzard makes raid bosses that throw magic debuffs around and Mass Dispel is the solution: world first guilds are just going to stack more Priests to work around the 2 minute cd.

The Twin Suns talent was basically the solution to the problem when Shadow Priests were told to use their PI on other classes instead of themselves.


I don’t really understand what you’re arguing. I agree with what you’re saying re: dungeon design being the actual issue, but I don’t see how that’s related to my fun/dps comments. Being meta doesn’t mean you’re having fun, it just means you’re desired. I’d much rather do good (not op, just solidly good) damage and enjoy spriest in all types of pve than continue to be meta in M+. I’d also rather our utility weren’t nerfed over bad dungeon design and other specs.

PI has been an issue since it was reintroduced in shadowlands. You’re right that Twins was the workaround, but the issues persist so there has to be a better way that doesn’t hurt spriest players. If PI needs to be deleted so we can have Voidform and DA improved, MD on a 45s cooldown, get other useful utility, and be tuned well, then blizz should get rid of it.

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Having played shadow for years i honestly and so sick of it. Im ShadowLands i had to give my personal buff to someone else. Imagine asking a mage to grant a warlock their combustion. They have nerfed spriests over and over due to how other classes scale with PI in dungeons. Its so stupid. All that ever needed to happen was make it self cast only.

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