Power Infusion

I just want it to be a self buff, or Blizzard stop nerfing Shadow Priests dmg output because they cant seem to balance other classes around it. Was just in an annoying pug where the other two DPS wanted to dictate when and where me and the Holy Priest healer used their PI. Like, Im going to use it on cooldown everytime, because they’ve nerfed us so into the ground that I can’t withhold it. Im going to use it on trash and when it lines up with MY other cooldowns. If it doesnt align with yours, it’s not my problem.

Oh, please. PI needs a buff if anything–at least for priest healers. Holy paladins (as in immunes, tankiness and kick butt resilience, brez, strong single target healing, good damage/passive damage, no mana healing and damage, etc etc) have so much more. Come on people.

Also, the power to buff someone else is nice. That should not be nerfed either. It’s not like PI is mandatory like brez or lust. Come on. It pales in comparison to those pretty much mandatory abilities that the classes with those spells have. At least in M+ where those abilities and not PI can get you easy auto-invites.

And yeah, Mass Dispel is also nice, and because of the design of some dungeons is pretty much almost necessary (at least in the highest keys). But that is a dungeon design problem, not a class problem.

Here is my take on Blizzard’s thinking in this regard: We don’t know. We dont care very much about class balance in M+ as it is only a side show. We dont want to homogenize the healers and that is our excuse for not balancing well and at best making a minimal effort to do so while trying to appear to do our best. We don’t think brez and lust are better than PI. Let’s nerf PI because we want priests to have even less in their kit that groups want. Let them sit on the sidelines for playing priest. If these people are smart they will drop priest and flock to meta if they want to play the game. It is their problem, not ours.


So make it self cast and baked into vf and leave it as is for disc/holy?

I was a Holy priest main, being a Tier C-D for years and everyone is saying: Blizzard should nerf more Holy priest (I hate Blizzard too)

I dont know why Holy is hated so much :dracthyr_uwahh_animated:

Best Blizz can do is removal.

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Why the nerf ? Legit asking

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Exactly?! Why the nerf? I think because it is one of the best things a priest can do and is novel and cool and fun. Instead, if they want priests to have something as good as brez and lust they ought to buff it. Maybe double the time it is in use. That might make it close to matching lust and brez. But then again, not even close.

They should for S and giggles make it the classic version and make it self only

I’ve long felt it should be self cast only or removed and replaced with another self only buff to compensate or some combination of making it party/raid wide and self buffs.

As someone above mentioned, it creates friction among some raid teams. There’s lots of competitive DPS players and more than once I’ve listened to people complaining about who gets PI. There’s a reason WoW logs added the ability to filter out external buffs - the people that never get PI want to see what their DPS should look like.

If the option is self cast only or something new, I would pick something new all day. Maybe shadow priests want self cast only but there are 2 healing specs that share the priest tree and self cast only is just beetle headed for them.

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IMO, if your raid team is having friction because of PI, then it’s on them.

It’s crazy that people lose their minds so much about the parse game that they freak out about PI when parses get cheesed in a whole boatload of other ways anyway every tier.

As far as PI in general:

Realistically, PI’s getting nerfed because Blizzard is kneejerk nerfing most the ‘god comp’ specs and they don’t know how to approach Shadow priest in any way. I really don’t buy that they’re suddenly worried about the performance of ‘other specs.’ They’ve repeatedly over the course of an entire expansion and a half to this point stood their ground on PI against rampant complaints about parses, and were doing the same literally a couple months ago. It doesn’t make sense for them to 180 that stance.

So I really don’t trust their dev commentary on the matter. The nerf to the haste percentage was intentional - they just know that players will get mad about it. They’re only talking about other spec performance because they know that the wow audience will gobble that explanation up. With a tiny bit of tweaks to the tooltips of PI and Twins, they could easily have kept the personal haste. Designers didn’t just overlook that - they specifically wanted the haste to impact the priest too.

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It shouldn’t be a problem but let’s face it, the WoW community is just…well we’re idiots.

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Yeah, of course it creates friction. I used to be in a guild where immediately after any raid the DPS team members would naturally be comparing and contrasting their parses, studying how much damage they did but it never struck me that they would do it for anything other than to calm their insecurities and add to those of others. There were other healers in that guild who also would point to healing parses at times, which really annoyed me. There is often only so much healing you can do on any boss fight, and healers trying to snipe the heals and point to the numbers to me is plain silly. The best healers know not only who to heal (I personally think tanks and healers have a priority over dps in any raid), but they are healing the members in the group that are close to dying vs trying to pad their numbers or talk about them.

Children will be children, and so will adults, immature ones anyhow. That is their problem in my view, not mine or anyone else’s. And if PI is going to add to the problems, I would just leave the guild.

The far more important thing than damage and healing parses (and their percentages) is whether you got the job done or not. And if did your best. That is all anyone should really care about both in the game and in life. If you want to up your game those numbers are simply tools for that and nothing else. And as far as the numbers go, you would be wise to be looking at “avoidable damage taken” the most closely. Once you have mastered minimizing that or if you have made that permanently your priority, then things like healing and damage become part of the big challenges. In my view, things like CC, interrupts and such are FAR more important than damage and healing numbers. On one M+ run, probably the best in weeks, my healing parse was like 5% or something, but we three chested the key. Why was the parse so low? Because the group was first rate, avoided tons of damage, got kicks, and such, and it was all cake and icing. And as far as the damage in that group went, it was average. But it was a pretty high key and parses simply were not important.