No Sub = No forums

Ah sorry I just see people forums claiming not been subbed for sometime coming on the forums to complain. apparently those people must of been from the people who were using the bug. Glad to see Blizzard is taking care of their forums. :grinning:



I’m currently unsubbed and have been able to post since the new forums came out. Though the reason I am not playing isn’t because the game sucks its because I am out of town and won’t be back to play for another week.

Probably won’t be able to post after this lol :smiley:


Yea its like complaining about master loot when you arent a mythic raider. Its like complaining about the state of mythic plus without timing a 3. Its like complaining about racials without bg/3s rating above 500. So par for the course I would say.

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AFAIK, right now, only active players can post to GD.

Nope. Can still post.

Probably won’t be able to soon hahaha

Thanks for letting us know something fishy might still be up, we’re looking into it to get that fixed. <3


Don’t you want feedback from unsubbed people?


This reminds me of the whole Facebook/Russian ads nonsense in 2016.
I seriously doubt if anyone here is going to quit playing the game over some disgruntled ex anymore than anyone voted for the other guy because of some Russian bots on Facebook.

Most people have already made up their minds either way.
I dont think WoW is in any danger over ex players posting here as long as they obey the rules.

Yeah, I know the new forums did change it as per this post You don’t need a sub to post now! - #15 by Linsivi

I just don’t know if they have it all fixed yet. So there WAS a point where unsubbed folks could post here.

As is this account. I honestly thought it was a move to improve communication.
Any response to the idea of a single avatar for the forums to imorove feedback and hopefully player participation?

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Let’s not bring politics into this please.

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Sorry you cannot take criticism of your beloved game.

$15 a month is a pittance for many people and running old content once a week is enough to induce many pay that sub fee. And, yep, many such people hate BfA and talk about why.

You are totally free to not read critical topics. The key to living in an imaginary happy place where everything conforms to your point of view is to utterly shut yourself off from everything but a few simpatico sources of information that do not challenge you at all. So if that is what you want, you need to choose your reading topics “wisely.”


Hrm, so -currently- non-subbed players CAN post to GD?

That explains a lot actually.


That yak always made me so happy.

I have NOTHING against you critiquing the game however if your not part that game and your critiquing it the credibility of that critique is basically gone.


I’m sorry, this just isn’t accurate. Plenty of valid criticism comes from people who no longer play the game. If they haven’t played in a year or more, I would take their criticism with a grain of salt, but if they stopped within the last few months, what they have to say is still perfectly valid.

So as long as they can express their criticism calmly and with clarity, I’ve no problem with their presence personally.


A few months is a pretty long time for hotfixes. An issue that may have caused a person to leave the in past could have been already fixed since those few months.

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If the criticism were based on the issues such patches addressed, I would say this is a valid point – but even so, if that was what was being brought up, someone on the forums would just say, “Well, they fixed that.”

When the criticism is for the core design of the expansion, it remains valid for much longer.


14 years mate. If the game was a year old that argument might stand up, but 14 years. Many people have invested so much time and money into this, and currently are unhappy with the direction, or simply busy with irl. You need to define “part of” because this community is insanely big, with some members like myself pushing 20 years of commitment to the franchise.


well take a moment to nip some of these off topic ERP filled, off topic trash threads like The Great Draenei Thread! - #275 by Sanshunter-hyjal