Post your rare rogue tips

I thought it might be cool to hear about how others use particular abilities in particular situations. Could be any form of the game: WQs/raids/BGs/arena.
Perhaps there’s a neat trick with shiv against a certain mob or an interesting use for it in PvP (besides the 70% slow for 2sec) or an interesting way to use cloak or evasion besides their intended use? Maybe there’s a cool mechanic with death from above or killing spree?
Not talking about exploits necessarily, but rather unorthodox ways in which you could use rogue abilities?


I dont know any real tricks per say but a few things ill just throw in anyway as i like the idea of this thread.

You can use cloak of shadows on monks during karma and during a druids thorns and take no dmg.

When we sprint we sometimes still use feint (legion artifact wepon trait) as the programmers forgot to fully remove that ability when our artifact wepons were destroyed.

Shadowstepping behind warriors using die by the sword or monks using fists of fury will ensure your kidney lands.

Idk its all i got atm


Shadowstep fatal knock backs on boss fights for the win!


Just to add, shadowstepping another rogue when they have evasion up will also let your kidney shot land.

I’m not 100% sure, but i believe our poisons land during one of a pally’s bubbles.


I knew about thorns, but I didn’t know about Karma. Now that makes total sense and exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for. Let’s keep em coming !

I recently discovered you can grappling hook in mid-air. Can stop falling damage if you time it right.


Unless it’s been changed since Legion, you can DFA immune crowd control like stormbolt or blind if you predict it coming.

Cheap Shot can’t be dodged, blocked, or parried.

Shiv a healer in Smoke Bomb instead of dropping it on your kill target (obviously EXTREMELY situational).

Distract will flip the target if they’re out of combat and interupt their cast if they don’t turn back around in time. Also stops drinks.

Jump off a ledge and Step back to your target right before they follow you to juke them. Throw in a Shiv or stun after they are off the edge for dramatic flair.

All I can come up with off the top of my head.


That’s an awesome idea…

You can also use Grappling to climb cliffs, sorta. Did it all the time in Nazjatar before flying.
On Orgozoa transition, you can use one of the last pods to launch yourself towards the bottom of the ramp and grapple right to the boss.


You can press Between the eyes after pressing Blade Flurry and top the dmg.


If you get knocked off a cliff you can SS back up to the tard who did it; this just happened :slight_smile:


I haven’t played combat…er…outlaw in some time now. Isn’t blade furry the aoe thing you have to activate before a mob? I’m not catching on to this one? Care to explain?

Macro pickpocket to your stealth openers. Use the pickpocket glyph and you’ll spend most of the EP raid confusing your raid members while you run around as a naga.


If you have the rogue only toy Suspicious Crate and want to take it into raid or M+. Just use it outside then use Ai-Li’s Skymirror on yourself. Wala box that stabs.

Logs on WoW
Selects rogue
Deletes rogue
The End


Way to contribute in a positive way…


Specifically in WSG, when I’m playing on defense, I hide on the 2nd level and if a monk or warlock drop their teleport, I wait until they come back and mess up their escape plan. :slight_smile:

More of a tip: That guy defending the flag who hasn’t moved in 5 minutes, don’t sap him. He’s probably afk. Just cap the flag. Hell, even the NPC’s during Comp Stomp know to do this.

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Bored waiting for appointment… Few more tricks.

If you’re running subterfuge and get brought out of stealth, you can still sap another target that’s out of combat within the 3 second window.

If you time it right, you can Vanish a stun right as it goes off and be invisible while stunned.

Probably common knowledge but you can stealth while eating. Less common maybe, you can stealth while on a glider.

You can gouge or stun any disengage type ability and it will stop them where they are.

On the topic of WSG or any flag map. If you’re being chased, you can drop flag, stealth sap, and pick the flag back up.

All I got for now.


Hehe I did this to climb to the top of the pyramid in Zulduzar and hang out. Really good spot to goblin glide from too.

I’ll definitely have to try this one