Post your rare rogue tips

Back in late WOD, they made it so old speed buffs no longer worked. Like the meta gem, jewelcrafting trinket and the enchants. However, I tried them out a while back and found out the “Minor Speed Increase” on boots worked again. It gives 10% movement speed but, only works on old boots. So, I use it with the “General’s Leather Treads” boots(Horde lvl 60 PVP boots, the Alliance is Marshal bla bla I think) which also increase Sprint’s duration by 3s. Then just have a macro that swaps those boots with your main boots and now you have a little speed increase and Sprint duration increase whenever you’re out of combat. Say if you want to sneak somewhere a little faster, maybe.

In any case, don’t let Blizzard know the enchant is working again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Feint is OP in raids, most dps damage is from AoE on most encounters.

Too many rogues overlook this ability, but with it you can survive so much.


My advice, always sap people in the open world. You don’t have to attack them but they don’t know that and it’s fun to know they are edge for a few mins


Man, you are so edgy. You must be a cool dude

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Grappling hook has saved me when I don’t pay attention on za’qul, those tentacles lol

Having a good transmog set increases your damage. Bit of a rare tip.


In Temple of Kotmogu, you can use your grapple hook to leap out of the central pit. I main Assassin Rogue but any time I’m on Kotmogu I switch to Outlaw solely for grapple hook.

You can blow up a target and grapple hook to the colour ball they were carrying before most people even realize the ball’s been dropped.

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Always wait till your enemy has pulled 10+ mobs while in wpvp. Then just as he’s about to kill them all and claim his goodies, BAM! kick him in the nuts.


This fun when I have the bounty, jump off cliff and people glide after you. Stealth and do weird patterns, the delay will mess with them and by then you can navigate to a safe location to loose them

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Survivor’s Bag of Coins. That is all.


I can attest to the distract tip. Used distract on a hordie jumping around lumber mill and watched him throw himself off the cliff after my distract turned him around as he jumped.


These situations can be created by sapping a particularly difficult mob, then sapping another mob when your actual target (the other faction) gets too close to it.

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So simple, yet somehow I’ve never considered this… Brilliant.

Saw a video this guy was distracting ally off a bridge


It’s basically a remote control bomb, I love it.

You are a clever bastard


On the one hand I am glad to learn some of these tricks I didn’t know about. On the other hand I am sad as they are probably now soon to be “fixed”.

Vanishing Mortal Coil in Wrath was one of the best feelings ever. Then Blizzard said nope, can’t have you playing extremely skillfully and avoiding Lock CC.


This is the only reason I am rolling Classic Rogue!

Since my previous post went all weird…

You can also stealth while using a jetpack in Mechagon.


always sap first incase they r running adaptation. this means u can then full kidney shot them without worrying about breaking it