Post Your Dracthyr!

To be fair, a lot of the posters in here are trying to overtly emulate existing dragons.

Also, asking genuinely with no snark intended, why are you interested in playing a class themed around being a dragon if you have no interest in being a dragon? Are the Dracthyr just off the mark for you, as dragons? Or is it simply a desire for a new class but the one on offer doesn’t appeal?

Gonna be a lot of Spyros (and co) when this goes live

Im starting to like them more and more but not being able to use mogs in the dragon form for the most part is so unappealing

Not entirely. We’ll have tabards, shoulders, and belts. And whatever “more than that” with Evoker tier means.

its more restrictive than it needs to be. the customization gear they have actually looks pretty cool and it’d be a cool concept on other races. but shoulders belts and tabards is needlessly limiting. we should have the option to mog our dragon form how we want like any other race

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I do agree that it is more restrictive than it needs to be. But I also recognize that the way they’ve modeled scales and pokey bits guarantees that not a single “paint on” armour piece would look presentable. I understand why the choice was made. I’m not going to pretend that transmog options do not exist, wholesale, though.

That being said, I do thing that any armour with a 3D model (outside of back pieces) is fair game. At the very least, when asked about the limited transmog options, Ion did say that they will “do more” with Evoker tier.

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transmog is just one of those things that really helps you to make your character how you want. i love that dracthyr have such a crazy extensive list of customization options. I’m afraid with how limited the race is that it’ll just be dead on arrival

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they have different color variations but fail to come off visually unique imo


(aw, cant post pictures yet :frowning: ) I am very pleased with how my fancy boy turned out. I may change the armor color later but overall this will 100% be my main evoker and i am very happy with him.

Also just been playing around with other ideas as well in hopes i will be able to make other classes someday. There is Shiftdormu, who may be another Evoker, Chronidormi, (both with and without her hood) that would be a fun rouge. And then an unnamed idea for a tanky mom friend. I’m loving how good these guys look.
cant wait for visage forms to come out!





Here you go friends.


I can’t share links, either :frowning:

I have always been a fan of Ysera, so green it was.



As for me personality, some I’ve been playing with.
One I made in like 3 minutes

Gold and Silver

My take on an infinity flight(They had really cool primal eye options up when I made this on the wowhead beta, no longer available. Probably for NPC but BLIZZARD PLEASE I WANT THE WHISPY EYES)

Edit: Ok I had to do Silver and Gold as well


thank you xinya <3 much appreciated

I’m very tempted to go with something along these lines. I do wonder if we’ll have metallic dragonflights before Dragonflight is over…


As of now, they’re still there if you have the npc options toggled on the dressing room, but yes omfg those would be pretty nice to have. They could probably add them in as a little questline or something, hopefully in more colors too.

Thank you, Xinya :slight_smile: