Post Your Dracthyr!

I’m really hoping for Glyphs or Dragonflight affiliation cosmetics that add additional effects. Glowing magma skin with vibrantly glowing eyes for example.


See below:


We need to schedule a brunch for Dracthyr to gather and talk about their experiences in Azerothian societies.


It is my goal to make a Dracthyr Visage form that looks like he wouldn’t have the word “brunch” in his vocabulary. I’m not sure if that will be possible. :wink:


Light I hope it becomes possible. Gimme a rugged visage >:D


This got me curious, to see if I could mess around enough to make one.

Here is a DirtyHippyDragon



Man they really need to add long beards in this game.


They have a fuller one than that available, but the highlighting used makes it look a wee bit too regal. So, I brought the beard down to this, and it seems to be more in line with homeless dude/dragon lol.

So you found it pretty difficult to drop the ‘regal’ look with their options :(?

Gives me a Jason Momoa vibe. Which is not bad, but I’ve always seen him as too pretty to play many of the roles he’s played, like Conan. The physique is there. But the face… much too pretty.

On that note, he’s a perfect Duncan Idaho.

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Not super difficult. It was mainly just leaving off most of the options for customizing it, tbh. … And then picking drab colors lol.

Long beards and skinny humans! I want to make my wizard!

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Hope they add some to make them less “pretty”.

What? You don’t like seeing your mage look like he could bench-press a bus?

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This is the “long” beard version:



Haha … no! It really bugs me.

Oh nice, looks cool. Can’t wait to customize the Visage form. I hope that they add the option to remove the head scales and the ability to add glowing eyes to Visage.


Oh man, he actually looks a be draconic. I’m pleasantly surprised tbh

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Something about it just feels a little too clean, you know? I’m sure it will grow on me eventually, but it will take some time to get there.

And it is my goal to make one that looks like he has heard of brunch, but never has any because he had a mimosa once and didn’t like it. He will also look like he really wanted to shop at hot topic unironically but couldn’t muster the courage to do so.

These are very specific feelings i am hoping to encompass.

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Oh I don’t disagree, but they actually look a bit more draconic then I had originally thought they would. I think they need more scaling options and scarring.


I am glad people are excited for dracthyr.

But man… am I losing interest so quickly in them. Using the wowhead dressing room made me realize how similar they all look. Even looking in this thread (and yes I do like some of the color patterns people used) they all look very samey.

I am sad to see a class locked behind a race I have no interest in playing.

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