Post with your classic character


I don’t know which of the last two posts makes me cringe harder.


your so far out , i speak about to be legit and not be a fraud to post on this forum , btw who care about fame , i`m about to be legit fame are for the fake hype mean fraud
, no worry blizzard know me and my account history day 1 player :slight_smile:


If that’s all it takes for you to cringe, I just feel bad for you…


Level 48 here…and having a blast.


I’m cursed with social awareness, it’s an awful condition.


ok bye bye no more time to waste on these forum full of little fail retail angry player , let go enjoy classic the best wow , just a bunch of level 10 angry cry baby player

(Viera) #27

I posted on my classic character some already, but people don’t hate it like they do this one, so it’s not as fun


More like weak mindedness. I’d love to see you survive a single conversation in the military without going into sensory overload.


You mean you paid money…fiscal currency… to become a panda?


I’m not even sure why you’re talking to me or think you’re involved in any way, or why you’re taking this personally.

Maybe it’s because you don’t know how to read and think I was referring to you in my post. Either way you’ve proven yourself to be horribly mentally unstable.


I’m enjoying Classic just fine. I don’t disagree that it’s the best version of wow, always has been.


You know, for being an Orc his english is pretty good.
Zug zug.


HAHAHAHAHAH. This has me rollin’. So true. Why doesn’t he?


Lol pandy warrior sinve 2005 bahahahaha


Panda is master race.

If you cannot see this than you are truly lost. Heh.


Hi, im paid race changes, nice to meet you.


Race changes are a thing, haven’t you heard?


Wow, that’s really insensitive. I have TBI and PTSD from combat…

Oh wait… I just remembered I’m not a special little snowflake.

Honestly, I replied because people have weak stomachs and minds these days, and I’m worried your generation is going to ruin the world on an irrecoverable scale.

(Aryxymaraki) #40

Nah, I’m good. I don’t need my avatar to be credible, because my posts are.

You shouldn’t care what avatar someone posts with. Judge based on the actual content of the post.


For someone who uses the term snowflake you sure got offended by a post that didn’t even mention you, and continue to be offended moments after.

What compelled you to reply to me in the first place? Genuinely curious how I got you to reply to me so I can avoid lunatics like you flooding my notifications in the future.