Post with your classic character


this forum have so much retail little angry fail troll , posting with they retail character , here your retail character have any credibility , , just post with your classic character , i bet 90% of these post are from level 10 character , having any clue about classic , my opinion blizzard make a poor job , allowing retail character post on this forum , thank you

this is classic from, why allowing post from other game everyone know these player come here to trolling , at least they have to use classic character to post this make sense to me thank you


No comma-ment.


Level 10 checking in


This is my actual vanilla character - the one I made in 2005 - so I will continue posting on this character since this is the one that I have put all my time into.

My classic character is but an empty shell in comparison to the time and energy I have put into this one.


While I don’t agree with the OP, I would like to purge the furries.


That’s a very ugly and brutish looking Troll there OP


But this is the Classic forums and not Vanilla. I think its more of a deterrent to tell whose talking about which servers and what not.

Yes people can post on level 10 characters but about as authentic as posting on a retail toon, imo.


Is your GM rank in your guild Solaire of Astora?


I need to actually pick a main. Probably mage.


I feel ya, i have 9 alts, and no main heh.



Inb4 i only post on my retail character so people know it’s me!!!

Nobody knows you anyway bud, bad excuse


“This is my vanilla character” - posts from panda


Actually, yes.


I forgot to mention, in addition to my time and energy, my money too. I’ve race changed since vanilla obviously.


MY MAN /10 char


I’m with Smoo, Vanilla characters represent!


Oh you made me laugh lol

Same! I love my priest and Ive been her for over a decade plus. She is my authentic Vanilla character that I am thoroughly invested in.
I am not some flimsy lvl 32 I made last week, maybe Ill switch later.


First, I’d post on my Classic character if my forums trust level would transfer. I hate restrictions.

Second, how can you be so hypocritical? Post on the forums with your Classic character? How about you post in better English on the US website? That broken English is either foreign or a complete failure of the education system.


Don’t threaten me with a good time.


I’m actually in tears laughing. I totally glossed over Smoo’s post and thought you were just trolling. Busted out laughing. Then later for Smoo to still misunderstand and mention the race change. Oh christ. *wipes tears* All I can see is this old character screaming “I’M STILL YOUNG. I’M JUST AS PRETTY. RIGHT?! RIGHT?!?!?”. Sure Smoo, you’re classic. *pats on head*