Post pictures

I dont know how.

You gotta earn forum 'cred.

gotta wear that forum tabard when you post


Sadly I cannot either, you have to level up :frowning:

Going to note one thing about trust level 3, all it takes is one forum suspension & it’s gone. Some times it doesn’t kick in right away & you won’t be notified when it’s gone. No idea how long it takes to get it back.

You’re not really notified when you receive it.

I didn’t receive it when it was first introduced, despite being pretty active.

Forgot about it completely, then noticed I had a new place to visit called “The Lounge”

It’s kinda the notification you have it, when you see The Lounge unlocked in the forum list.

When I first saw that I thought they added an off topic forum to attempt to clean up GD until I clicked on it and realized what it actually was and what it meant.