Post here if you played vanilla in KG

I was in Decimate and Perish.

my buds in vanilla:

you guys remember boat from served?

what a douchebag

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On Khaz back in the day, transferred to dath with BC and then it didn’t matter In the end.

I was in Masque during Vanilla, same character, and I believe I actually still have control of the guild on an alt

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Been on Khaz since 2005.

Hope to re-unite during classic …
Well, as many as possible ! Would be nice.

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Yeah ill be there hopefully, playing a Tauren warrior.

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I was in masque for about a week. I left cuz I couldn’t handle the raiding schedule since I’m in the US.

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where’s everyone at?!

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Dexi & Lovesong (A Lion with a hunter for a pet. You read that right.) of Bear and Blackwing.

I transferred Dexi to Saurfang during the free migration towards the end of BC. (Which I regret.) That effectively retired her for good.

I ended up going horde on Lothar . Played casually during Wotlk. A Paladin Inspired by Kehulani. (The best Paladin I ever met.) I quit the game never to look back until I heard about classic. So here I am.

Dexi the Belf Paladin is currently grinding 5 mans on Lothar as holy, to level up.

Good to see you Zakk. :slight_smile: Did you ever get that damn spear?

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i remember blackwing. you guys had a gnome GM right? or maybe an officer

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Yep. Pipsqueak iirc. Female gnome warrior with pink pigtails. I remember and appreciated him being very patient during progression raids. Did a lot of the main tanking toward the end of vanilla before Thrusting took over MT duties during BC.

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Barb, you were in my guild for a while.
iirc you were kind of a pain in the butt. dont remember why though. been too long.


Wonder how many will surface for classic.

Meddle boys represent

Liken was my name / Grand Marshal Paladin / Former Guild was Time Played alot with a mage name Glowing. He was Grand Marshal to. I remember lots of horde friends at the time to. Hope to see some of you guys and girls again.


Glowing was trash think the only thing special about him was getting the Scarab lord title.

Barbarossa Tauren hunter.

Hey man, its been forever. Newvian here. Good to see you still kicking around here. You talked to any of our old guild mates?

Here we go. I found a character with my old name. I haven’t played wow in years, but am looking forward to classic’s launch. Hopefully we can reunite a ton of us old school players.

Holy Crap man nice to see you are still around to . No i have not heard of anyone from our guild yet you are the first and only one so far.

By the way what server you play on? And are you thinking about comming back?

Yeah man, I am going to play classic. I haven’t played wow more than a week since cata came out