Post bolvar sylvanas cutscene (spoilers)

Yes of course but what I meant is, that Maiev taking over was not something that could have been orchestrated by Sylvanas by any means. In fact Maiev stepping up the ranks was a mere coincidence because Shandris follows Tyrande into the Maw.
The sole abduction of Tyrande would have placed Shandris into head position and she is bascially trying to get ontop of Anduins human potantial way of peace.

But considering the awful storytelling and the lack of logic an reason with everything that happens … who knows maybe Sylvanas was also able to forsee Shandris jumping into the maw after Tyrande has appointed maiev to command the Sentinels … whatever

I mean the way the abduction happened… just 2 Valkyr throwing a magic rope … within the city full of griphon riders and what else.

It just looks like the writers don’t even care anymore to think about the circumstances or wether or not somthing is realisticly possible…

It just bugs me and frustrates me to the point of giving up for good with WoW.

For me Story is the most important part but it just feels as if noone gives a crap abot it in their writing team.


When the main villain of your multi-expansion arc is so underwritten that every piece of character dialogue about her is just unclear doomsaying because there’s no actual plan or motivation for the characters to talk about.

Damn here comes Sylvanas, to…do things! The end (unspecified) is coming!


i agree its… mediocre but its no the worst thing they couldve done.

it makes him look really retarded if he knew she was coming but didnt had a plan b.


For years I waved aside the complaints of Blizzard’s Anduin favoritism because I thought it would be a passing phase, an arc that would wrap up eventually much like Thrall’s multi-year splotlight…

…but they really are genuinely obsessed with him, aren’t they? Someone high up has a legitimate fixation on him. And I’m not even upset, because the silliness of it has become so off the rails absurd that any irritation has wrapped around and become gutbusting hilarity. I think I love it.


We’re talking about Sylvanas here. Bolvar could’ve had a plan B through Z and it wouldn’t haven’t mattered.


Clears throat



I feel bad for Pappa Genn. She just keeps getting to him no matter what he does.

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I do wonder who the poor soul was that only got one kidnapper. Assuming Il’gynoth is accurate when he says “nine ravens”. Anduin got a two-person escort, which means out of Baine, Thrall, Jaina, and Tyrande, everyone else gets two people as well, except for one of them who only gets one.

Personally, I’m torn between which they’d want to portray as more impotent, Baine or the Night Warrior.


Baine gets captured so often he probably went and put himself in chains of his own free will.


Baine gets captured soo much, that it’s becoming a running joke amongst the playerbase. I wonder if blizzard is even aware of that, and that’s why they keep doing it.


It’s amazing when you think about it. Putting aside Baine, you have Thrall, Jaina and Tyrande about to be attacked. Those are the three leaders from the heroic factions in WC3. Three characters people have loved for literal decades at this point. And instead of focusing on them, they’re passed by so we can see…Anduin. Anduin takes primacy over Thrall, Jaina and Tyrande.


I can’t help but feel the entirety of the Anduin/Genn scene was completely intentional and they’re taking the piss for a good laugh. The entire scene is so tonally off that it is truly funny, and I do appreciate it. It somehow works; so dumb that it becomes genuinely compelling entertainment.


I agree with you. It’s one of those scenes that is soo stupid, you can’t even get mad at how dumb it is, but just smile and shake your head :gift_heart:


I was so thinking that :stuck_out_tongue: Those Stormwind Gryphon Riders are bloody useless. :joy:


I’m suprised God King Anduin didn’t simply tell those Mawsworn what they’re doing Is bad and they should want peace and love :gift_heart:


/bacon treats

The simplest explanation must be that either he didn’t expect it so soon, and/or didn’t expect her to be so powerful.

The only one is probably didn’t expect her to be this powerful. But yeah i just can’t help but feeling like they are dumbing down the guy who led the charge against the lich king.

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This is one of those moments where it would have been best to NOT have the whole “Nooo” thing.

Because Light Genn sounded so weird lol


I assume everyone’s guard was down. The war was over and N’zoth dead. I doubt anyone thought Sylvanas would do an aerial assault like that.

Personally I wish Genn was farther away from from Anduin. Like really Genn? Anduin had the time to draw his sword and Genn kinda did nothing.