Possibly Solved TY BLIZZ! Guild finder not working and New realm can't accept invites

LOL !!! MORE CONNECTIONS… Frostmane, Ner’zhul, and Tortheldrin will be connected to Blackmoore, Cairne, Cenarius, Korgath, and Perenolde. Funny thing is we never even had Blackmoore added because they were EU the very first time they announced merges way back. Getting closer to my 10 realm smashed together guess a month ago. Hopefully they address the guild finder issues when they are done with merges. REMOVE YOUR GUILD GOLD NOW, IT MAY END UP MISSING !!!

This is still a problem post today’s maintenance. We still cannot see the pending guild applications on the guild leader side. Is there any ETA on getting this fixed? We really wanted to open up recruiting in anticipation of Shadowlands.

Unfortunately, the longer they can keep ignoring this and putting it off, the less affected surviving guilds they will have that need this addressed. Once enough guilds die off, the problem will be rare enough that they can ignore it altogether. If this were a serious enough problem in their eyes, they would have acknowledged it by now, and at the least stopped merging realms til they figure out why it is happening.

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For science, a few of us in rolled some alts, formed a new guild called on Kargath and tested the guild application process. It works with a new guild, so that’s some useful data maybe? We intentionally used multiple servers in our collection as well during the guild formation.

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This is really harmful to the whole TwistingNether/Ravenholdt RP community, almost all of our largest and longest standing RP guilds are affected by this bug, and most of them have stopped bothering to do the whole rigmarole to relist every three days (just to be unappliable) which means anyone joining the server doesn’t even see that there’s any established RP community on our RP server by looking at the guildfinder.

I tried transferring ownership of my guild to an alt on Maelstrom (one of the servers that seem to be working fine), but no dice. I’ve thought about seeing if paying for a guild realm transfer to Maelstrom or one of our other joined servers would work but I reaaally don’t want to pay like 30 bucks for something that probably wont work and would end up spreading my character to another server.

Honestly even if Blizzard hasn’t figured out a fix yet it would just be nice if they would at least give us a bluetext saying that they know that this issue is a thing and they’re working on it.


Good information Wreck and figured that was the case. I’ve helped others create their new guilds in the last 4 weeks and all their abilities to recruit worked fine! Guessing us old timer guilds will have to be patient so we do not loose all of our achievement progress for perks.

Also a little more information

I am fairly certain that any new guilds will work. Small old guilds also seem to work - I tested all my old bank guilds and they are fine. From what I have seen, the problem is most prevalent for old guilds that have a number of old-time members. Somehow the merge process corrupts the guild list. My main guild had a number of members glitch right after the merge, and almost all of them had not logged in yet this year.

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The guild I’m trying to invite someone to has 6 members currently…

Is the guild older than a year? have you had members “disappear” via deletion or server transfer (or just mysteriously)?

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Good catch. I did notice a couple of members that were offline for 2 years showing up weird in the guild roster. I have found that the new guild roster vs /groster (old one) was showing different numbers. I spent a little time pruning those couple of members from the list in hopes it will remedy things. Sadly it did not, but at least the guild roster is cleaned up a little!

was hoping to find a posting in here on this subject, ty for starting it, its a immense problem for all guild masters , myself included, did all the same steps you all mentioned to get my guild relisted, it did but cant see applicants, started this after our first merge almost 3 weeks ago, then the next week we got two more servers, so we are 7 deep now and still no guild finder help from blizz, on the eldre thalas/ korialstraz, merge mess lol. on a positive note, our gbank has had no issues, so this seems to be a widespread item thats happened thru most server merges, now all they need to do is assign someone in blizz to FIXXXXX it, and stay at their desk until its done, its really unfair to ALL GUILDS no matter what server you call home, chop chop Activision, time to fix another mess ya made, lets get after it, like yesterday would be great


I would like to know how you were able to put in a ticket. I can’t get the ticket system to work. If I answer all their guided questions it does not allow me to put in a ticket. I’ve made a bug report, but you don’t get responses to bug reports.

Since their guided questions are extremely limited and don’t cover 90% of the things you would actually need help with, you sometimes have to get imaginative. I put my ticket in as Missing Items - Other, and wrote in for Item Name “Guild Members”. It is technically true, and I really do need their help because the auto restore does not find them.


Thanks. I actually did some “creative question answering” and put in a ticket late yesterday. Got a response similar to some others, from a game master in Europe. He said they are definitely aware of the issue and are actively working on it, that there is no solution or work around as of now, asked for my continued patience, and thanked me for the reminder. So very frustrating.

There were 2 different types of glitches for one person’s main and his entire group of alts (he has a BUNCH). He only joined in April of 2019 and at the time of the connection of Perenolde/Cairne to Cenarius, had logged in as recently as about a month-6 weeks before the connection. He has 18 characters in my guild. 2 of them were listed in the guild roster with their names colored with their class color, but no information other than their names. The remaining 16 were among the MANY blank entries in the list. I checked the armory for them when I realized they were missing, thinking that maybe I had somehow missed him having left my guild, and none of the 18 of them showed up in the armory. Since I happened to be Facebook friends with him, I messaged him and let him know what was up. When he logged back in, as he logged on to each of them, they reappeared in the guild roster. I believe he was one of the people that initially on login did not have characters listed on the server, but then they eventually showed up.

I have over 85 blank lines in my guild roster, and I know for a fact that some of them are characters that, while temporarily inactive, perhaps, have logged in at least once during the past 6 months and only joined the guild during the last 2 years.

Thank goodness our guild has only 23 blank lines on the roster. Ouch 85 !!!

Another weekly reset has gone by and this problem still persists…

I can only imagine how many people have applied to various guilds over the past few weeks thinking their application is being ignored, when in reality it just can’t be seen. Feels bad.

@Blizzard - Any ETA on fixing this?


So I discovered another interesting thing. My Alliance guild, Solstice, shows up TWICE for Perenolde (both Alliance side) and our Horde side guild (also Solstice) shows up TWICE for Cairne (both for Horde side) when you do a search on the World of Warcraft site. I wonder if the glitches are connected to this? Maybe you all with blank lines in your guild roster can do searches to see if your guild name shows up twice as well.

And I was able to purchase a guild charter for Solstice on Alliance side over on Cairne - I would have thought that the name would be taken, since there is already a guild on Cairne with that name. But that might be working as intended and I just didn’t realize it.

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So maybe the problem does lie here ??? Looked ours up and there is an exact duplicate. SO WEIRD !

Been also wondering when they are gonna change the realm lists when we look them up. Last i checked it still shows only Cairne-Perenolde but we all know that is not true.

Really hoping when they delete one they don’t delete us all . GRRRRR

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hmmm, fascinating find… except… when I look up Corruptors Of Innocence, it appears my guild doesn’t exist. at all. Though if I drill in from my profile, it is there.

We no longer exist… we are fading fast… remember us when we are gone…