Possibility we get a couple allied races this expac

First off i will find and post what im talking about later since im at work but i saw this yesterday and never had time to ask about it, but it was an interview with blizzard where they were asking about future classes for Dracthyr. It was one of those pop up ads on the side of the page when you open a new tab as a suggestion from Google.

I cant remember exactly how it was phrased but it was more or less the interviewer asking about where they are making classes more available to races and asked something along the lines of will we see dracthyr warriors later on. And the blizzard guy didnt say no but answered by saying that dracthyr and evokers were made for each other, but did say something about the other dragon people we see in the starting area. So maybe there is hope for people who wanted the more dragonkin looking people

But as said before i will find this article when i get off work so it doesnt sound like im talking out my butt

There is 0 possibility this expansion for Allied. Ion in a recent interview said no.

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They’ve dropped hints they’re thinking about an allied race. Something in the Drakonid realm.

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I just said allied race as thats what they were called last time for all we know they said no allied races but we didnt say no new races or neutral races

Voice your support!

Or make your own thread or whatever. :slight_smile: Point being, if they’re on the fence about this, we need to be vocal!

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Pretty sure we’ll never see an allied race again. If anything there would be new character customizations.

Ion said a few times that allied races were a BFA thing. They did it as a work around to add variety to some existing races prior to the improved customization we saw in SL.

An allied race would mean people being outraged over why it’s this race and not that race, why are they pigeon holed into these limited customization options and why do the racials suck.

yall know this isnt the case. i would strongly advise to not get your hopes up for anything

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Still hoping for Kelfins.

They waiting ever-so faithfully at the port for their invitation.


I would race change my main to kelfin on the first day they are released.

Sadly I think their opportunity has passed :frowning:

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That would sound cruel to the Forsaken and Worgen. Supposed to be their turn to play with a new allied race.

edit: I’m not too sure the Dracthyr are even close enough to the factions to recruit others.