Popular Realms Updated -- 11:30 a.m. PDT April 16

LOL no, this is thier indirect way of showing that they basically don’t have that going on. Someone just posted a Blue post from Classic’s launch stating how the WoW “team” doesn’t use player suggestions in how deciding how to handle queues/transfers. They literally just did that. Haha! They just did exactly that. Because they have no idea what they’re doing. This is a first. In all this time, this level of disorganization is an absolute first, above and beyond all the colossal missteps we’ve seen…I just can’t even… I legit thought the people who were saying they were offering “free transfers to then make money off you wanting out” were a bunch of trolls & conspiracy theorists. This is amazing. I don’t know weather to laugh, cry or be absolutely horrified at this cluster of oats. What even is going on over there?


This is only the way to stop things getting worse. But now for Arugal we have been in the worst scenario, so what now?

Hey, remember that time when Blizzard took our money for early name reservations so we could plan where we wanted to go with our friends and guilds, but then only opened like 8 servers? That’s when the problem started.


Earthfury never had queues until this week. Do you know wfhat happened to Earthfury this week?

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Are you kidding me? Earthfury is pile of dung right now.

I guess this is maybe one step closer to you guys bungling server mergers for the least-populated servers.

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And how within 5 days of a game out for 7 months added 25 servers, let people move for free, and almost none of them have a queue?

And how we have multiple posts every week about server caps are too high and you can’t farm anything and resources and such but any server with a population closer to real vanilla is “dead”?


Have you ever tried to get a guild to transfer servers?

Naw, man. You can still pay $25 to transfer to Incendious.

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Wait, I thought these queues were a lot to do with hundred (thousands?) of guilds mass transferring?

Somehow it’s easy to do when it’s the reason for causing the issue and impossible when it’s the solution.



That’s so terrible that I actually feel bad for Kaivax for having to report it.

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Maybe Blizzard should launch an Incendious server, just to see who notices.


Not really, considering how few servers there were at launch, and that they were all over populated.

Oh wait, a retail toon. Who would have guessed?

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Only if you’re there.<3

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Months late

Nope, they just reopened Incendious to paid transfers.

I know, I know.

Partially true. Although like the top 15-17 servers had queues yesterday.

But yeah you arent completely wrong. Many players and guilds said “F that” and stayed on the populated realms. But some of it has legit been servers growing over time. Turns out Classic WoW is a lot of fun, and people came around on it once they tried it and have been growing the playerbase.

That organic growth has led to a lot of servers breaching that 12k mark and queueing at raid times. Im glad my guild stayed put though. I love Pagle, queues and all. Not afraid to take responsibility for my choices.

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Benediction needs to be on this list. And the last 500 transfers to the server in the last month need to go somewhere else somehow.

Was such a good server, not anymore with q’s being 2hr plus during raid times as of the last few weeks.

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Does anyone else get the vibe Blizzard is letting you pay to go to Incendius so you can create a q so you can take the free transfer so you can clog up another server so you can pay to transfer to incendius to create a q so you can free transfer to clog up another server so you can…



I play classic a lot too.

Have a 60 that was originally on Whitemane but me and 2 RL friends transferred off (you’re welcome, 3 less people in queue) because we felt playing on a less popular server would be more beneficial.

Nearly every extra server was available within a week of a game now 7 months old with numerous free transfer opportunities.

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