Poor Kitty

Why is it that you spend 11 weeks getting the renown to purchase a battle pet only for it to not work when you are in another covenant?


Yeah it stinks… got the venthyr and night fae pets and when i switch toons to level off some draenor trainers, I couldnt put them in a team. So dumb, worse than the faction specific moonkin pets.

I heard that even if you can put them on your team, from being logged on a toon in that covenant, they dont appear in battle.

blizz really doesnt test anything these days…


Yes, so far we’ve confirmed this with Jggles and Trootie. Haven’t seen it mentioned for Ruffle or Sinheart yet. If you’ve gotten the covenant pet and have confirmed it’s slotted but not showing up in the battle, be sure to head over to the Bug Report forums. Here’s a thread someone else already started on it, at least for Jggles:


The more attention we throw at it, even if you’re just confirming the mentioned covenants again, might get a quicker response to a fix.

eta: lol at not even being able to type out the Necrolord Covenant pet that Blizzard itself named :joy:

This isn’t a bug though, this is just STUPID game design decision. It clearly says for the pet “you’re not in the right covenant for this companion”.

Blizzard need to change this, what is going to happen beyond shadowlands when we don’t have “covenants”. Pets (other than faction pets which makes sense) have never worked like this, once unlocked they are unlocked for all toons as they should be.

This is especially unfair for Jig gles and Sinheart as they are unique looking pets. At the very least at least Trootie and Ruffle have alternate skin pets we can obtain.


Agreed, but there is a bug if i am venthyr and i CAN put sinheart on a leveling team and it doesnt appear on the battlefield.

will confirm when i get online


As said, it’s not about not being able to slot them on a different Covenant. We’ve known this to be the case since beta. It’s about the fact that my Night Fae can slot the Night Fae Covenant pet, Trootie, but when I engage in a pet battle on that Night Fae character the slot appears empty in the UI and it isn’t available to fight.

It also does something similar for pvp matches, where you get an error message “Pet in slot # can’t battle” when you accept the match.

Ruffle can be put in a team, can be leveled with battle stones, can not be used in battle. A blank slot is in this pet’s place. Does not show up to be summoned by non kyrian though, so it seems it should be working like the faction specific pets yet it does not function the same. It just can not battle but has abilities and can be placed in the team. Looks like all renown 27 pets can not be used in battles.

It’s a subtle plot to make folks buy leveling stones!