Political ideology / promotion of politics via a guild name for months nothing being done

im asking questions? if its not a robot its someone who agrees with the guilds political message? nothing has been done and its been months really annoyed.

This is a player help player forum - no guarantee of a response from Blizzard. Historically, names based on real world politics have been actioned due to their divisive nature. Blizzards stance seems to be real world politics do not belong in WoW.

Sadly, often they will rename the character/guild to the same or equally offensive name. I’d certainly keep reporting it.

Wow - you’re complaining about a political name in game, but then sling this at Blizzard staff on the forum?


Tantrums won’t help.


Something I just thought about. When reporting a name, you should be given an opportunity to add additional details about the report. This may very well be something the Game Masters are unfamiliar with. Have you been filling that out?

If you’re not seeing it, it might be due to an add-on. I’d start by resetting your UI to default

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its not a tantrum I know guilds that are pro trump get renamed all the time but this has been months and nothing is happening. says customer support here and they really cant help me? I play the game to get away from things like politics

We wouldn’t know either way - it’s between Blizzard and the guild master. I’d certainly put my money on Blizzard actioning any guild name based on political figures/parties.


As in player help player - not to be mistaken with customer service :wink:


are you serious? if its not robot doing the work for them its their customers . wow. yep im done.

I’ll add one more thing here. The forums are not a contact point for support. If you wanted one-on-one support, you’d submit a ticket.

However, there is no way to report other than using right-click report.

I’ll leave this here:


Bye, good fortune where ever your gaming adventures take you.


you understand how it says customer support? why would someone not think they would talk to blizzard here?

While you’re at it, you might wanna try holding your breath until you turn blue. Tantrums and threats are the tactics of spoiled children who don’t get their way.


its not a threat . its a fact that a political movement / agenda is being pushed via a guild name. and nothing is being done because it isn’t pro trump If a company is going to hate on one group and make the rules for one group of people only im not going to play just facts not threats.




There isn’t a conspiracy.

You don’t know what action has been taken against the guild you’ve reported though. Our experiences have seen many will ignore the forced name change and change it back to what it was. Hence my suggestion to keep reporting - because if they are indeed changing the name back, eventually there will be actioned with more and more stringent penalties - including Blizzard choosing a name for them without the ability to change the name.


can something happen to me if i keep making ticket til it is gone?

Yes. If you continue to open tickets about the same thing after being given an answer multiple times they will tell you to stop opening tickets about said topic as you have been given a final answer. If you dont stop your account can be actioned.

Edit: i assume you mean opening an actual ticket, and not a right click report “ticket”. Iv seen people call it that so i want to clarify.


I believe there is a report threshold. If there are large numbers of people reporting, the review moves up in priority. Additionally, one account reporting multiple times … is still one report.


We all know that guild on our server. They are annoying. They camp relentlessly. We get you don’t like them. To be honest until you said something I never associated their name with anything but gankers in the game.

You are basically barking up the wrong tree by posting in the forums. You were given good advice about removing the names from your post as it is not allowed. If you feel the name violates the rules then, by all means, get people in the game to report the guild name also that is how you solve the issue.


Naming and Shaming is simply the commonly used term for “calling out” or making public accusations. Regardless of what behavior you may or may not have experienced in-game, or what facts you believe you have, that is simply not permitted on our forums.

If you feel that someone is violating our chat policies the best and only course of action is to use the right click report option to submit a report.

That isn’t at all accurate, Heals. Many names, by themselves tend to be fine. It is when some of the names of prominent political figures, or the popular slogans that are associated with them, are used to cause disruptions in-game that we may have an issue. The names, by itself, tends to cause no issues from a policy standpoint.

That isn’t necessarily true. What may or may not have been done is between us and the person(s) you have reported. They could have been previously silenced but opted to continue the behavior, assuming they violated policy in the first place.

It should be noted though that the discussion of politics, in and of itself, isn’t generally considered a violation of our policies. Be they Liberal, Conservative, Democratic, Republican, etc… People are allowed to have discussions in-game on a number of subjects, assuming those subjects aren’t considered inappropriate for our T for Teen Rated game. The only real subject restriction, outside of inappropriate subject matter, would be on an RP realm where we’d encourage folks stick to IC (In Character) discussions.