Polished Pet Charm Reward Reduction

In regards this post: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/stop-reducing-ppc-rewards-for-worldquest/1607811

Most days we see 75-125 Polished Pet Charms from World Quest rewards, with the occasional spike to around 200. In the PTR build of 10.1.5, this has been cut down to roughly 1/3 of what is currently rewarded by WQs. For all but the most dedicated pet battlers/collectors, reducing the number of PPCs from WQ rewards will severely punish many players.

As it stands right now, if WQs averaged 125 PPCs per day, it would personally take me 127 days to earn enough charms to purchase all of the current purchasable pets I’m missing from my collection. With the current reduction in 10.1.5, I would be looking at over a year straight if I didn’t miss any days. Newer players/collectors would be looking at 2-3 years straight to earn all their required charms to complete even a fraction of their collection.

I’m not sure what a proper solution would be. It’s clear that there is an intent to drastically reduce the amount of Polished Pet Charms available to players. Unfortunately, it will put the “end game” pets purchased with charms (ex. Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm @ 10k, Scout @ 5k, and Miloh @ 2500) all but out of reach unless players are willing to farm WQs across multiple characters. A full run of pet battle dailies for PPCs runs 40-60 minutes. That’s hours up hours of additional time players would be sinking into repeating the same 4-8 World Quests to keep up with what is possible on one character currently.


As an avid pet collector, battler, and enthusiast; this change is heartbreaking. While I have all the pets that can be bought with charms, like Fleewood said this debilitates ALL collectors. It’s also not just the purchasing of pets this hampers but items and toys that are purchase with pet charms as well.

Recently just before this expac you made a change in the costs of Ultimate Battle Training Stone from 60 to 35. Unless you plan to also reduce the costs of your most expensive pets purchased via Polish Pet Charms then this change is not worth it.

Edit: it was 9.2 when the price change on the stones were made. My mistake.


I have found it quite hard to get enough charms anymore. Especially when you have to do a large charm sink on getting the meta achievement for family battler. It seemed to be a lot easier in the past as others have said to get a good savings of charms. Maybe adding some as tender to bag drops for battle pet dailies would be helpful.


Yeah this change makes no sense and is very disheartening. I myself just spent the 200k gold on the Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm because 10k is an absurd amount given the rate of acquisition on pet charms. Hope this gets addressed or talked about in some capacity.

I think the total amount on a fresh character needed to buy all available pets with pet charms is around 25,000 and is only going to increase. This reduction makes that goal a fantasy.


Many of the top charm farmers that I know utilize alts as their main strategy to collect pet charms. With clever use of teleports and portals, a character might take a hour to go through and collect every available pet charm World Quest. Netting them, say, 125.
Some of these guys and girls are taking 2,3,10 alts through every day. They do that for a week or so and they can buy anything / everything quickly.

It’s not the most ideal situation. There are work arounds for all the abysmal grinds out there.

I agree, there should be an increase in pet charms obtained and sources to obtain them that just isn’t logging on an alt and repeating the same pet battles of the day.

I think the mentality that Dragonflight went with PvE has been good and applied here where its okay to reach your goal and be done for the moment. It shouldn’t feel like an endless grind with pet charms which to any new pet collectors it definitely will be.



The original bug that reduced the number of polished pet charms in Dragonflight was fixed soon after it was discovered. The charm rewards for Dragonflight quests should be back to where they were before that bug occurred.

We hear your desire for more sources of pet charms, and we’re currently looking into ways we can do that, though we’re not ready to announce any yet.

Thank you for the feedback!