Stop reducing PPC rewards for worldquest

I saw that they were reducing these rewards, as well, and hope they revert it. I never really farmed charms the way a lot of people in the pet community have, but I enjoy doing them here and there when leveling alts or trying to finish a reputation quest in Dragonflight. I had considered doing a bit more in the near future for when I need a break from everything and the news is disheartening. I feel like it also punishes those who haven’t been grinding them out for years already and enjoy passively collecting 20 here and there from a world quest instead.


Caught me by surprise cause I’d never heard anything about this. Assume you’re talking about the 10.1.5 patch, the 10.15 patch being a Diablo thing.

Is Whelp Daycare now going to be only way to get Polished Pet Charms ?

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Yes I’m talking about 10.1.5 WOW.

They nerf worldquest reward from 10-20 polish pet charms to 4-6 polish pet charms.


Wait whaaat?! Are you sure?? Source please. This is ridiculous if so and makes zero sense, even old content expansions were still relevant and gave charms.

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This is from 10.1.5 PTR - One of the existing Pet Battle world quests (left), and one of the new Whelp Daycare dailies (right). 6 PPC from the WQ, and 5 PPC from the daily.


If they compensate by reducing the cost of pets from the vendors there really isn’t an issue with this.

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This is once again a measure from Blizz that will hurt newer players (or older players who may just be getting into pet collecting, which presumably is something that the daycare could inspire) far more than older ones and is baffling to see.

As far as I’ve heard, there is no proof they’ll be lowering prices for pets/bandages/stones/etc and instead those will stay the same, but be significantly harder to get for people who haven’t been hoarding charms or who haven’t had the chance to earn a ton of them.

The rewards for pet battle WQs has always been uneven–if one has limited time to play, why would they ever do the 14 bandage quest when there’s a 19 charms quest (and bandages are 25 for 5 charms if you buy them)? But the answer isn’t nerfing everything right after releasing the extremely expensive pets that are available right now like Scout. Especially if bandages are nerfed as well, as they apparently are? So they’re not even equalizing rewards.

How many months should someone have to grind unpredictable quests for teeny tiny amounts of charms to get a newer pet? Are they trying to quietly get rid of the battle pet system by turning more and more people off of it until they can justify sunsetting it?

The RP issue is a good point, as well. I’m very excited for the daycare and definitely will be doing it on my main and possibly an alt depending, but not only will I probably not want to do it on a ton of alts, why should other pet collectors/battlers be locked into content they don’t want to do? My alts have to do a minimal amount of questing to get into end game content but would have to do daily RP quests just so I can get enough pet bandages to do some leveling or experiment with strats?

That is like a return to when we had to do PVP just to get decent powers in BFA for our raid gear or PVPers having to do a lot of M+ for high ilvl gear, the opposite of what DF seems to be about, where (at least casual/waiting) players can get decent ilvl/tier sets/etc without doing content they dislike.


Wow this is terrible… why would they take pet battling charms off a pet battling activity. It just doesn’t make sense.

Those WQs have never even given enough charms in comparison to the insanely (and lazy) high priced pet charm pets (that bauble worm was a joke).

Can blizzard please not do this, DF started so well but they are fast slipping back in to their old ways that drove so many (myself included) to just outright quit the game.


DF started so well but they are fast slipping back in to their old ways that drove so many (myself included) to just outright quit the game.

That was my immediate thought as well. Blizzard started out this expansion with what seemed like respect for everyone’s time but they just can’t seem to help themselves.

I assume that the daycare stuff on the PTR didn’t have enough rewards or enjoyable content so blizzard nerfed world quests to force people into their new content. Which is essentially what they did with the cave zone. “No no no, you can’t just sit here farming elites for the mounts/pets you want, do the events that give nothing but rep! Nerfs rare loot timers

Instead of changing world quests how about you leave them alone and make a quest chain for me to unlock a collection tab to store account bound pet stuff in so I don’t have to mail it all to myself? Or is that too much of what players would like and not enough mindless grind?


No. The WQs will be greatly reduced to 4-6 charms (if a charm quest is up), and the Whelp Daycare will reward 4-6 (if it rewards charms that day).


There are a few things to mention about the Whelp Daycare stuff:

  1. This reduction is literally a pittance compared to what we’d normally get. If anything, make the quests a flat 5, and the WQs a flat 15 until you complete the Whelp Daycare Chain. Even then, it’ll be awful compared to what we have now for reason #3 below.

  2. The quests and dailies will come in a set of three once you get the chain started. A daily from the active whelp, a daycare daily (randomized out of five options), and a ‘Campaign’ quest for the overall line. Then at some point, I think once you unlock the bronze whelp, you’ll get access to the Daycare Derby dailies. The rewards from these appear to be randomized between leveling stones, charms, and bandages. Currently, this means if none of the Whelp dailies give you charms and only 1 zone in DF offers charms, you’ll only get 4-6 charms in DF for that day. Which feels really bad.

  3. The absolute WORST part of this whole thing is the reduction is account-wide, but completing the Whelp Daycare line is NOT. Meaning, if you want access to the full amount of charms in DF you’ll need to do this chain on every single character. Since it’s 4 days per whelp, you’re looking at a minimum of 20 days for every character before you’ll see the normal amount of rewards from the WQs again.


If they really do this change/nerf, I guess they can consider 1 less subscriber to their game. Pet battles, pet collecting, yes even the daily pet quests, are all content which I do and enjoy. And have for years, and years. So to even think of changing or nerfing something which doesn’t and has never needed a nerf (in fact, probably needed a buff if anything), so yeah. I hope this is just one of those “lets put it in PTR and see how they react” and they aren’t actually going to do such a stupid change.

Please be smart, Blizz. Thank you


Today’s PTR build the WQs are back up to ~13-18 charm rewards


Cheers! Did they also buff reward for daycare?

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Nope. Out of the 3 dailies that were active, only one rewarded PPC. And it was something like 6 :woman_shrugging:

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Thank Baby Jesus!

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Two possibilities here, either Blizzard listened to some feedback like this thread, or the devs misunderstood and thought everything had to give 4 to 6 charms, not just the Daycare. Anyway, very happy it’s been changed.

I dreaded having to do something like win 834 battles with Haniko to get enough charms for Scout.


I read through this entire thread, and if you ask me, issues like this are all the more reason that We should have PB only realm(s).
I can only speak for myself, but as a pet battler I am tired of feeling like I am treated as an afterthought by the devs.
I spend the same money as the raid players.

Tagging the latest CC post about this in here so they are aware that it was fixed.

Not only is this bloody wrong but like today…3 of the 4 World quest battle pet in the Dragon Isle are not giving any kind of rep to this character its listed as Obsidian Warders rep and this character isn’t getting any rep at all from 3 of the 4 dailies today…its BS…