Policy Update for Input Broadcasting Software

Ehh, depends on what you’re talking about. All I do as a MBer is quest/WQ and old dungeon/raid runs so for me all I need to do is make a GSE macro and place it on the same button for all my characters and GG full rotation. But if you’re going to MB +20s or try to do current content raids or Arena then yeah it’s much harder than simply doing that content on one character.


Believe what you are asking for is like a truebox server. EQ is the only game I believe that has that. Might be another game idk for sure. At onetime They had some rules though. Like wow has now. In that you could only do it through alt tab, or having two, or windows up at once. It seems they have relaxed on some of those rules though since you can use software now. Isboxer is useable there last I heard. Pretty sure they have the max limit up though. Once that server hits like 1500 people you get a message that tells you it’s time to logoff, or else. My guess it’s because of server stress. EQ is looking to get as many people to play their game as they can now is another reason they are allowing it imo lol. Don’t ever count on ESO allowing it, if you are ever thinking about that game. They have very strict rules, and don’t allow boxing at all last time I played that game. Been a lot of years though. If blizz were to ever do it, i would roll a character on it just to watch some of those big box teams battle eachother in pvp. That would be entertaining though, which is probably why blizz would never do it :laughing:


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This is a retail forum and thread.

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I’m glad you are basing your entire argument now on a post made by a customer service rep that stepped outside their job description. Not only that, but one with a clear bias.

Please read.

I don’t know why anyone is denailing anything, that just sounds painful.

Something extremely funny about a player named Narcissia telling someone to get over themselves.

No hate, that just tickled me.


It’s a RANDOMLY GENERATED NAME From the Mage Character Creation Screen. Which in context is about right since Mages are supposed to suffer from a Vanity/superiority/Napoleon complex anyway. It felt right at the time and I am not about to pay for a character name change.

It’s a good name, it was just funny.


I denail stuff all the time. As long as the hammer doesn’t slip it isn’t painful at all. :smiley_cat:

As someone who MB’s on EQ, I am all for this change.

Programs like ISBoxer and such just made it too easy. Boxing is allowed in EQ but there are servers that are labeled “Truebox” only, meaning you cannot use ANY third party software to help you.

These servers,. while not perfect, are much better cause at most people box 2 or 3 because it becomes almost impossible to box more without software usage. Nothing is more immersion breaking than someone dude with 40 or 50 boxes following him.

Its legit bad for the game IMO.

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I agree that mass multiboxing is not good for anything and the only reason to do that is to grief, bot, or gold farm for profit.

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It is definitely disruptive. The standstill ones are not so bad except their choice of spawn points are always quest mobs that have a rapid respawn rate. PvP and Instanced content well that’s a bit different and I really could care less about the “in-game economy” that running a dungeon or raid would impact (generally because the amount of mats/items that can be sold on the AH from an instance is pretty negligible other than something like a mount or transmog). I don’t like them but Blizzard made a rule back in the day and I would prefer that rather than changing a long standing policy overnight that they be constrained to creating content within the boundary of that long standing policy especially if and when such change in policy would impact a business not owned by Blizzard that at least in part is dependent on Blizzard for portions of its livelihood and had been within the boundaries of Blizzard policy until a not very well thought out policy change was made. And if there is any truth whatsoever to the rumor that the only reason for the change is due to “world firsters” attempting to bypass covenant restrictions then that should be a telling sign to Blizzard to rethink covenant restrictions or dump “world first/server first” achievements entirely as a horrible horrible anti pattern for games design.

Do not disagree with this either but I firmly believe that Blizzard made their bed and rather than being able to swap mattresses on the fly that they should very much have to lay in the bed they made.

Honestly - I miss the realm first profession race. I only got one, but I also only attempted it in one expansion.
That being said - I’m anti anything that tries to increase log in rates simply for the sake of increasing log in rates. Things like valor points you mostly got by simply playing the in the relevant content. Now we have to deal with these mechanics that aren’t part of the content, rather layers above the content; and it just makes it to where you see the hamster wheel you’re running on instead of enjoying the run.
Regarding multiboxing - frankly I think they should have just limited it to a reasonable number of accounts like 5 and prohibited it’s use for player versus player combat. I don’t think special servers are needed. I also think that raw gold from drops needs to be addressed. It’s incredibly boring to get a green and be unable to sell it on the auction house because it vendors for over 40 gold so by the time it sells, you’ve spent more on listing fees than it’s worth. It’s also boring that the vendor sell value is higher than disenchant value. Getting a green and running to the vendor to collect your gold because that’s always the most valuable thing to do with it is frankly boring.
IMO the gold should come from things like direct quest rewards and world quests while greens require more thought and consideration. I also think eliminating grey quality items entirely wouldn’t be a terrible move. Remember when the postmaster used to mail all the grey vendor trash we left on the ground in our instance runs and such and the uproar it caused? lol

So happy that they made this change to hinder my actually playing the game to eliminate bots easier, as I sit here at Iron Docks watching some real suspicious activity of dozens of druids, with names like DKFJRH and in a guild named “ayy”, funneling in and out of the instance stealthing instantly and re-entering making it difficult to report them for botting. So happy.

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Seems like a pretty slippery slope. If we couldnt fix our mistakes then this game would be a giant mess.

If it were an actual mistake it would not have been allowed this long. It was tolerated and therefore tacitly approved of. It even made them more money than they normally would have made per user. To then ban the software (still not banning the behavior they are allowing that right?) that made that easier because it inconvenienced them in their games-design is not correcting a mistake its arbitrarily changing the rules mid flight which they should not be allowed to do. They bought the horse they should have to ride it uncomfortable to them though it may be.

But wouldn’t you say that is how it goes? Something is ok, till it directly starts to disproportionally affect the total.

Multiboxing software has been around a long time and Blizzard finally decided that it was a bigger detriment to the game than it was in the past and thus banned it. This is how all banned things work. Most things that are banned are not banned at first, but only after becoming a problem too big to ignore.

There was a time people used certain drugs for toothaches…then it was banned (though funny enough, in Oregon now, toothaches are getting taken care of!)

There was a time seat belts were optional, then it was banned

P.S. Full disclaimer I have used ISboxer for YEARS to box in EQ…I am a multiboxer who has used the software in the past - as the years have gone on I have becoming more of a vocal opponent to multi boxing as I do not think its healthy for the game overall. Just like Blizzard my opinions have changed over the years.