Policy Update for Input Broadcasting Software

Especially on the raid heavy servers who don’t have the farmers to support that activity. Those servers have been service by bots for years.

I got my druids back up and running last night too. It’s real clunky collecting herbs and ore now, but still pretty efficient.

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Boxers that are in denail: Why are refunds NOT being given after an abrupt change in policy? <- Please read.

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Strange way to boycott with your presence on the forums.

I got a refund for my 4 extra licenses and Blizzard even transferred the remaining time on those license to my main account.

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Individually controlled via hardware :slight_smile:

That’s pretty sweet :+1:

We have those now, Blizzard wants those customers and encourages them. They just don’t want multi boxers.


The denial is strong in you, enjoy being reported on sight. :3

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I shall! I plan to be at the staging area on SL launch on my team so as many people can report me as possible :slight_smile:


It’ll be a group of 4 hunters from Stormrage, you make sure you /wave back


I prefer a game alive with people than full with bots and obnoxious MBxers. Glad to hear of the change.

Checking in on the forums doesn’t cost me a dime.

Last login: June 1st.



Blizzard are a bunch of crooks. They changed their multiboxing rules (even though they came up with a lame excuse stating it was never supported) and refused to give me a refund when I put in a ticket.

How is that relevant to Boxers ‘in denial’?


If Blizzard didn’t want multiboxers, Blizzard would ban multiboxing.


Refund for what? Game time? When did you get the game time?

They must be talking about something besides game time. Saw a post earlier today(oops yesterday now) where someone got the game time they had on their other accounts moved to the main account, and they now have enough game time until 2022 lol.


You are the only one in denail.


Interesting wording - mirror inputs to multiple game clients - which means you can two - box as you are only mirroring to one game client not multiple