Pls remove leeway mechanic

hes a rouge shilling for a buff to his melee range, dont even bother with him.

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Totally off-topic but your guild name should be Unitas Aeterna. Unitas is a feminine noun but Aeternum is the neuter form of the adjective. You need to match the genders, i.e. use the feminine form of the adjective.

They need to match in number, case, and gender. So singular nominative feminine.

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Back in the day, it was meant to compensate failure to stay in range due to lag.

Today, tested on retail in 2 windows, other players see you moving about 800ms later than you pressed the button - with 60ms ping on both sides. So, I guess, even though we have better connections, the lag is still there.


What is the point of this mechanic? Seems stupid.

Didn’t watch the whole video, just where he explained and demonstrated it moving side to side.

Only reason I can think of is to support people with bad internet. Well…too bad. Deal with ur bad internet, why does everyone else have to suffer?

Is it because of the importance of autos? Is it because they feel Mages are too strong against melee? If that’s the case, balance them a little bit.

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Just backpeddle then there’s no leeway. I think it’s funny that people that make fun of backpedlers will now have to use it themselves in order to avoid leeway.

Man, you’re on an absolute roll. That’s like 20/20 things you’ve been wrong about.

All this fake news from the biased masses who ignore all evidence unless it comes directly from Blizzard. Even then they sometimes manage to deny the facts.

That face when you’ve become more “No-changes” than the No-changers, simply because you’re not ignoring facts to focus on your feelings (memories). Feels weird to have argued against “No-changers” who refused to accept video evidence because they wanted changes. Feels really weird.

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Man you are on a huge roll lately. Everything ok with you IRL bro?

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Blizz confirmed that Melee Leeway is working as intended though =P


The mechanic is still broken.

What becomes the new meta now? Tauren Warrior?

Basically what you saw in Vanilla anyways. Hunters are screwed. Mages, Warlocks, and Priests will be fine though.

By trying to shoehorn vanilla into a modern client blizzard is wrong about a few things. Not playing a hunter anyway so I don’t care either way.

Having a set of values on a different server and client and expecting that to work identically is a little silly.

Low latency could provide what they claim, but what many of us would like to see is real testing of the reference material VS the “classic” beta system.

Without a real solid side by side like for like comparison its a pointless argument.

Nope, i have eyes. This is clearly a new system or works totally different in 7.x than 1.x. And latency doesn’t explain this. This is the single most un-vanilla like thing yet. But if you just wanted to buff melee that is okay.

Vs mobs:

PvP : reddit

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So how is this going to be addressed? It is clear that multiple sources are confirming the following:

  1. Leeway did exist in Vanilla and was something implemented in 1.10
  2. The way that this is behaving both as it pertains to spells (aoe and slow effects) and melee is not what people know to be “leeway” of vanilla

I believe the clear divide between those that are stating #nochanges and those stating this is a bug is that it is not functioning how proper leeway was in vanilla. It seems that the extended range of the attack was supposed to be when you were initially in melee range and moved to go outside of it extending the range for these attacks. What is occurring on beta is a full extension for any type of movement adding significantly more distance.

My main concern is how this is working in regard to npcs. I understand the pvp implications, but I know from old videos I had that npcs once impacted will chill and slow effects were not having this level of extended melee on my character.

I really hope this hasn’t been said yet but here goes anyways…LeeeeeeeeeeeeeWaaaaay…Jennnnnnnnkinnnss! But I digress.

If this mechanic is truly bad, and perhaps its not an authentic vanilla mechanic, then it must be destroyed.

Agreed. I’m all for maintaining what was truly in vanilla, but this is clearly taking the base leeway mechanic that was present and adding some sort of bug on top of it.

Not only the distance component being very extended, but how it triggers for specific movement types and slows.

There is a good video post here @7min mark

This wasn’t a thing in vanilla. Nobody hit from that far away with melee.

You’re wrong, you’ve been wrong about everything you thought you knew and Blizzard has confirmed this is working properly with their reference client.

You’re not going to convince them to modify the leeway range with your typical strategy of providing 0 evidence.


So your stance is that Blizzard’s perspective on things like bugs or player experience and the like is gospel?

While I can say that they carry weight to their opinion with testing and access to tools that we cannot touch, there is still a track record to consider. There have been plenty of times that they have said “working as intended” on bugs that have turned out to be completely false. They have only validated that the base leeway existed and is functioning in the right setup. From a coding perspective this is completely separate from there being a possible bug with other components that work in relation to leeway. You cannot blanket this as correct anymore than we can blanket it as working incorrectly.

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