Please respond to server split and overwhelming negative reactions

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This is getting to the breaking point very quickly. We are all going to be home quarantined soon, and wont even be able to play our twinks and enjoy the game as we have for the last few months because of a complete oversight by Blizz.


This is news to me. How did Blizzard split the servers?

They do not respond to Twink situations, swept under the rug.
Looks like this was the easiest way outside of separation tactics (Which literally destroyed retail lower brackets).
They removed the healer cap at the same time as retail separation in BFA.
Premade with 5 healers vs 0 who can top DMG and Heals (Broken yes) is a thing within retail.
Not a peep.

Stay stronk friends!


Get on your main and we can discuss Seal clubbing.

I was level 34, hadn’t played in weeks, and was ready to unsub when I heard WSG was out. I queued up to see if leveling PvP was as fun as I remembered. It was! And despite there already being maxed out twinks, a good player could be useful and help win games. Sure, I couldn’t expect to 1v1 everyone, but what player / class can?

Many great PuGs and marks turned in later, I decided to stay in 39s, simply because of how much fun it is. The only enchant I have is speed to boots. And every game has full on twinks, toons like this one, and toons like my level 34, all having fun and trying to win.

For those who think twinks ruin lower level brackets, I suggest you try queuing and see how much fun it is for twinks and non-twinks alike.

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I agree with this part. Keep posting your feedback. Tell Blizzard about the problems. Tell Blizzard the side-effects of their actions.

Forget about the rest. Forget every attempt to force Blizzard to do what you want, when you want it.

But Blizzard cares about our feedback, as players. So tell them.

If the game was not intended to pvp below 60 why have bgs open to below 60?

If enchants were not meant to be used below 60 why make them available below 60?

If everybody was forced to level up and is not allowed to stop there would be an inherent xp given to you with no activity that did not give xp(wpvp realms, sub 60 bgs) RP’ing, herbing/mining etc. Open world mmo is exactly that… an open world. What you want to do in the game is not what I want to do in the game and there is no right or wrong to that. Blizzard making this change has hurt players choosing to do something different in that open world game that they find fun. If a change went into place that hurt your enjoyment of the game you would hypocritically be here complaining. Max level pvp is the exact same thing as twink pvp. There is a difference between a lvl 60 fully enchanted/max geared and a 60 who just hit 60. A lvl 39 max geared player and a leveler going up through 39 will always have differences in advantages but that is completely on the choice of the player. That leveler has every ability to attain the same gear that I attained. He chooses not to as that is not what he finds fun. I enjoy facing twinks in the twink community because I enjoy playing with and against that community. I dont have the time or the patience to level to 60 and maintain the grind to gear up/raid nor do i want to. I want to log on and pvp in lower brackets because that is what I enjoy. And yes blizzard meant for that to be a thing because they have lower level pvp available as an activity in the game.

your entire argument(opinion) is flawed and not meant to be mean but by the definition of the word, ignorant.

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Pretty sure Europe servers are set up across 6 different time zones all in a universal battle group. US servers are set up into 5 different time zones that was split into 1 big battle group and 3 smaller ones where in the smaller ones the effects of being closed off (Brazil and Latin American have sub 100 population) were felt at even end game. ( 2 hour queue in OCE ) now they have split the queues into smaller battle groups instead of learning from Europe that a mass battle group works.

They didn’t add it in Vanilla though. They didn’t add separated queues until near the end of wrath.

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I see why they considered separating east and west coast but it seems rushed and it was kind of weird how they did it.
other than less confusion on the time of when a BG holiday starts, i don’t see any positives.

I don’t like twinks and the impact they have on low level bg’s.
hang in there with me,i’m going to end in your favor and suggest they revert the split.
but consider that your queus are so long because twinks have scared away all the non twinks casuals who tried it a few times…and are like “never again”.
If they were queuing up would your que time be shorter? yep but thats not my point.
My point is that you guys have actually just commandeered the entire sub 60 brackets to the point where its just you guys, overall.

I would love to pvp sometime on an alt now and then and at least have a CHANCE. but nope. so i rarely…as in maybe 2 games a week participate. if that.

ok…back to your post. if its only you guys / twinks playing the game anyway…and separating the servers is truly making it so no games are occurring. then as ruined as the bg brackets are anyway…except for you small minority of players twinks…why destroy it altogether? makes no sense. no one wants to play your low level bg’s blizzard because of twinks…put the servers back so the twinks can at least have their fun.

rest of us arent. but doesnt mean everyone has to suffer.

What bracket are you in? I’d agree on the 10’s and 20’s bracket. Even the 30’s maybe. Anything higher then that pre-60 and the problem isn’t twinks if you can’t complete. Twinking in those brackets doesn’t have the weight it does int he lower brackets or the weight raid gear does at 60. If you can’t compete in the 40’s or 50’s, it’s either because you’re < x6, you’re woefully undergeared (and I mean like you aren’t even in good “leveling” gear. Since basic of-level dungeon gear will let you comfortably complete in the 40’s), or you just aren’t very good at your class yet. I mean twink gear just doesn’t provide that level of disparity once you past 40.

10’s and 20’s, I don’t mind the twinks but I agree and I avoid them like the plague. 2 shotting folks isn’t fun for me. Counter argument is that it’s EASY to get toons in those levels and ti’s easy to level characters out of those brackets, so I guess it’s kinda’ a wash.

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If you’re going to troll at least get when twinks were separated from levelers correct.

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Low levels aren’t joining because they’re now mostly alts spamming paid stocks and SM runs to turbo level.Saw a 34 being turbo levelled last week in SM with the white gear you get when you create your character.Not many true new ‘from scratch’ players now.

Not rocket science dude.

I have never had the urge to complain. This is a different thing happening here. This is hundreds of players who were doing something every day and having a lot of fun and that something suddenly disappearing. The fix does not sound complicated, the whole issue seems like an oversight, so complaint feels justified and predictable.

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I dare say the majority of the playerbase has a negative perspective on twinking.


Kaivax can only see so many posts a day. As the lone CM, priority is low on all conversations unless we make at minimum 900 consecutive posts. Then, he has to get the lone WoW dev off his Diablo phone long enough to approve a response.

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Where did you get that from? I just looked at his profile and it was hidden… unless he just decided to hide his stats, which would be hilarious.

I love how you think Kaivax is the only CM.

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Certainly “most” players did not come to Classic in order to twink, as if that were true you wouldn’t have long queue times. Compared to twinking in Vanilla, the current community is actually quite small. Splitting battlegroups does seem stupid, though.