Please reconsider your stance on retail/classic reward linking

If were to read and understand my post, rather than just barfing your emotions all over us, you’d see that I just suggested how to appease both sides without compromising the experience of Classic. I also do not want Classic to become a “loot pinata,” and making gear/pets/mounts available in retail, independent of Classic, would keep the games separate as you desire and would appease retail players that also want access to Classic gear.

What reason do you have to detest the desire of retail players to acquire Classic gear/mounts/pets? Assuming it can be done without impacting Classic, which I just suggested 4 ways it could easily be done, that has zero impact on you. I never said anything about anyone deserving anything, I explicitly explained that there’s a lot of desire among the community for it, obviously evident by this thread and post count.

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Why is this such a point of contention for you? Why do you care if people from retail get classic items from playing classic, other than the inverse of “change for the sake of change”?

Make slight changes to them? Make the item called “Time-Worn” for the retail version?

Your posts are highly emotional and lack any logical reasoning other than just “NO BECAUSE I SAID SO”

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Nah, his suggestions all involved leaving Classic separate, and putting in other ways in the modern game for collectors to obtain that gear.


I think one of the biggest problems with retail players is their need to prove to others they did a thing, regardless of when they did it, or how they were able to achieve it. They want others to know they have. Oh he cleared MC on classic because he has the little hot hot MC corgi. Regardless of whether he paid to be carried or not doesn’t matter to him, just that everyone knows he . . .DID THE THING.
Classic peeps don’t have this mindset, they have a community with which they DO THE THINGS, and stories spread like wildfire and are retold again and again, people recognize that they have DONE THE THING, because they are always doing the things, it’s who they are, not a passing whim for a pet or mount. It is the core of who they are to do more, to be better, to get the real actual accolades.

There’s nothing to appease…You don’t deserve anything special for playing retail…Doesn’t matter they already said there’s no crossover so you’re preaching to the choir.

Ah ok…So he wants just because Classic Vanilla will have lol…Typical…

The integrity of those items must remain intact. I dislike any proposal that will suddenly allow modern players to obtain the rare/unobtainable items from previous expansions.

Try actually reading his posts.

He wants Blizzard to find ways to make certain items available again IN RETAIL. He is NOT asking to be able to obtain something in Classic and have it magically appear in retail.

He certainly seems to be against linking classic to retail.

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I’m not so opposed to Blizzard finding a way to make items that have been removed available again–IN RETAIL.

I do not want to see Classic and retail linked in any manner, though.


So he is basically jealous of the fact that Classic will have certain items?

Ok, he needs to take it to the Retail forum and not clutter up the Classic Vanilla forum.

I’m pretty strongly opposed to that. On exception being the recent years of the anniversary event making the old world boss loot obtainable again. Certain prestigious items should stay unavailable, such as Rhok’delar, Benediction/Anathema, and Corrupted Ashbringer.

I did not get the impression that he is jealous that things will be available again in classic, or that he was asking for this “unavailable items” to be made available again. It seems to me that he was simply saying that IF Blizzard chose to make them available again, in his opinion it would be better to make them available again by some means in retail.

So why is he posting this in the Classic Vanilla Forum? Doesn’t belong here really…That’s Retail issue it seems.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not advocating that Blizzard make those “unavailable items” obtainable again. I would actually prefer that unavailable items remain unavailable, and that includes any removed world boss loot.

Having said that, I would prefer that IF they chose to make unavailable items available again, they found a way to make them available again–IN RETAIL.

It doesn’t seem to me as if he is asking for anything.

It seems to me that he is addressing those posters who are asking to be able to use classic as a “farming game” to obtain those items and saying that there are other ways for Blizzard to make those old, unavailable items available again.

I may be wrong, but it also seems to me that you are looking for a reason to get your panties in a bunch and argue. Might I suggest taking a step back and breathing.


Nah, ActiBlizz already said there won’t be any linking or crossover…

But…They don’t need to make Classic Items available to Retail players just because Classic is coming. If classic wasn’t on the horizon this wouldn’t be even a thought.

Just because Classic is looming Retail players are wanting classic items.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with retail players desiring classic items. Calm down.

They can have them…It’s called “Play Classic Vanilla”…There ya go…

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I’m not saying that Blizzard should make those items available again. Although I may be wrong, I don’t think Mddsteve is, either.

I’m just saying that IF Blizzard chose t make them available again they should find a way to make them available again in retail. Again, I may be wrong, but I think Mddsteve is trying to say the same thing.

And I’m saying, they don’t need to lol…You have Retail as Retail. Retail is as Retail is…They wouldn’t be asking for this if it wasn’t for Classic.