Please Raise M+ Loot Cap to Ilvl 450 for timing 22s in 10.1

I would say “WoW end game is like a pie-eating contest where the grand prize is more pie.”


Why 22s tho. Is it cuz its the maximum level keys YOU can do? lol



22 is just a level where I feel like a player with any class/spec can complete the content as a PUG player. Meta only starts to harden around 23s.

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If there is a limit like Sparks for crafted gear so a player won’t be able to immediately craft all slots then I don’t see that being a problem.

I think the biggest crests only drop from >= 20. But yeah, m+ upgrades should go to 447.

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What you said is not correct.

You can get more sparks using Vault coins.

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That’s exactly why the crafting gearing we have now works and is good for the game, because acquiring the Spark was time gated and capped. Even now that its uncapped, farming enough of it to fully gear out the rest of the slots takes a very long grind given how rare it is.

It wouldn’t be any different if the limit to crafting was 421 instead of 418. There’s nothing wrong with giving crafting max ilevel as long as its time gated like vaults/raids.

It just seems you only issue with this is making max ilevel gear more accessible somehow diminishes what you can do. People who has no business doing 20+keys to cap vault won’t suddenly be able to do 20s if they had access to 1 crafted max ilevel piece per week.

So I don’t see what the beef really is except it being an ego thing.

I dunno about you, but I’d love to have 1 more way to acquire max ilevel gear per week and if it could be crafting, I can even choose what to get.

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It isn’t ego - it’s wanting more challenging content to have greater rewards, to have a greater payoff for accomplishing a goal.

This is the basis of the entire game after all.

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This right here is going to be a bad design choice. Why would anyone care to push harder content? The fact 16’s can give highest loot means nobody will wanna run a +15.

my suggestion is to make +16 and higher really hard to obtain.

people were pushing +20 long before it had any meaningful reward attached to it. Back when +10-15 was the highest you can get in terms of gear, people were still pushing keys higher.


Yeah I like this idea. Extend to 22s!



It’s less that people won’t run high keys and more that they are less meaningful. People would still clear the Mythic raid if the first boss dropped the same ilvl as the last boss, but it would definitely diminish that feeling of satisfaction clearing the raid if the final boss dropped very little of value.

I like the way it is now. The best gear should come from the hardest content, that being Mythic Raiding. Mythic + gear being a few ilvls behind isn’t a bad thing.

This is such a point of contention for me. It is harder to get CE than time a 22. However, the primary difficulty of mythic raid is the roster. I have a hard time creating an advanced reward around outdated restrictions that need changed anyway.


And that’s true too… All of the complaints from Mythic Raiding are understandable.

Blizzard refusing to back down is nothing new, until more and more quit and they’re forced (prime example: Pathfinder)


I very much wish we had the cata system for raiding, 10 man 25 man, none of this flex stuff. Same loot, less drops in 10 man. What made it interesting was some boss fights were harder on 10 man and vice versa. I’d consider raiding again if 10 man raiding was a thing and relevant again.

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Why reply without reading this thread?

This tbh

I’d be happy if they just made mythic flex. The amount of time wasted because of hard 20 to hit or nights not raided by a ton of guilds is probably way higher than anyone at blizzard realizes.

It’s super demoralizing not to raid because you’re 1 short or sit in queue for 45 minutes as a leader finding someone who isn’t meme applying 20 Ilvl below what you need only for them to leave the raid as soon as you reach the boss you’re on for prog.

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better idea: if the key gives a score of 0, no vault or crests.