Please offer NPC instance Boosting

Offer NPC’s which can boost your Character for a gold price. Allow one to park their character at the front of the instance and let the NPC’s clear the instance for them, with no loot. Or if the player actually chooses to play the game they can tag and dps the mobs within the instance, along with the NPC’s, to allow them access to loot.

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Why not cut to the chase, and offer levels for gold in general. Just have an NPC in a major city who you can pay to gain levels?

(this is in jest)


Why don’t people just buy the 58 boost instead?

back in my day people played games, pepperidge farms remembers


It’s limited to 1 per account.

I mean in swtor u can solo certain instances and are provided a npc that acts like a tank and healer. So I’ve seen this before.

Is it a good idea? Not really because it takes the mmo out of the game and turns it into a single player game at the low lvls.

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At least in SwtoR, you still need to do the content. And the real intent was to fill a spot in the group if you are struggling to fill it out.

This suggestion is moresoe about just standing there doing nothing and reaping benefits.

I mean most boosters are just bots anyways in wow so u already have an npc. But u are right the robot in swtor is just supposed to fill a void.


I do think it would be cool to be able to hire a npc dps, tank or healer, if you could control the abuse.

That sounds great to me though. Because currently it is a zero player game. You just cannot do the content in a reasonable fashion. There are no groups to legitimately run much of anything. You either wait days, someone has their 70 friend come and make it pointless, or dont go at all.

I m not advocating they do that, just saying it’s kind of cool backup.

How about you level like your intended to and not pretend this is retail. Unpopular opinion of coarse.


Never had a problem getting a group going on this character and I’ve been dps spec all the way to 60. First thing I did at level 20 was build an off set to heal with, download healbot, and put myself out there. There are tons of paladins leveling right now with the hopes of farming strat at 70 so they are keen to tanking. If you can’t get a group going you are either impatient or just socially awkward.

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I’ve been leveling this character solely through dungeons, and for the most part have been able to find groups pretty easily. A big part of it for me was that I joined a random guild that allowed people to invite, and always ask people who I end up running multiple dungeons with if they’d like to join.

Actually a few days ago, the GM of that guild logged in and disbanded it. So, those of us who were into dungeon leveling got together, and…

We’re just getting started, but there seems to be quite an appetite for dungeon leveling, as we recruited over 50 new members yesterday, and had multiple full guild dungeon runs happening. We’ll see how things go today, and in the days to come, but I’m pretty hopeful.

I expected to be tanking most of the time, but tried to keep all 3 gear sets current. So far, I’ve almost always healed, and sometimes have DPSed, but only tanked maybe 2-3 times. I’m surprised to see how many tanks there are actually.

Still not having any issue healing with a ret-centric talent build and healing gear in Outland.

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Yeah I was surprised at how easy it was to heal as ret on my way up. It was as simple as gearing for int to have a big mana pool and using healbot, ngl healing was more relaxing than dpsing in groups because people were thankful for me being there and i got dibs on all the healing loot.

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I guess. But sever, play time( both when and how long) directly effect the ability to do that. I play for maybe 2 hours a night. I can barely work in finding a group for a level 70 five man. My druid has been 41.75 full rested since TBC. Nobody is running uld, sm( non boost/carry), rfd, etc.


2 hours a night is ultra casual and imo not enough time for any mmorpg. You should do you yourself a favor and find another genre.

I honestly dont know if that is a joke or not.

Its me being brutally honest. Mmorpgs have never been a genre for people that only have 2 hours a night. You are probably the kind of player that gets into a run and leaves after the first boss or if the party wipes you dip out.

You should be playing Zelda or Skyrim not World of Warcraft lol.

Oh yeah, for sure! If you’ve got 2 hours to play, then spending an hour (or 2) to form groups, and get that initial push of community is tough. It’d be a lot easier in your case, I think, to find a group of people that is already doing that.

I did, but again, server, play time, etc.

Don’t get me wrong. I was just saying an NPC that fills a roll for old content (previous expansion, not ‘this whole game is old conent’) is a cool idea. I’m not advocating they actually do it (and they would not anyway). Nor am I complaining about finding groups or having fun playing wow. If I wasnt having fun I wouldnt play. But I can survey the landscape. From perhaps a different playstyles perspective.