PLEASE no spell batching in tbc!

dont make us play arena with spell batching please. i beg


artificial lag is stupid and blizz should feel stupid


I don’t even play classic anymore but I came here to make or upvote this post because I would love to try BC pvp.

I sincerely don’t care how much “nuance” and “depth” is created by adding a 400 ms delay as #nochanges people describe. It’s half a second of arbitrary lag that only existed because of dinosaur computers. Dumb.


ty for the upvote.


Agree, please blizz don’t make arena a meme, remove spell batch in tbc. Idc if they keep it in classic


I disagree. They can adjust it to lower the batch timer a little. Remove it? No thank you.

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Batching is trash and I can’t even think to a time it made classic better imo.


Y’all are complaining about batching being a thing when this is literally how the game was intended to be played. On a potato modem hooked up with the skeeziest internet imaginable. We won’t be out of that era until like… what, 2010 WoW?

Speak for yourself. I had a kickass PC and cable internet since vanilla. Classic feels worse than it did for me back then.


My god, look at this 1% here.


maybe they should force 4:3 1024x768 resolution with an ugly filter too


Im sorry guys but the ridiculous leeway and hitboxes on Tauren for example are legit TBC mechanics. Heres a YT video literally from waaaaay back then on warcraftmovies:

I think it was def changed later, but it was WOTLK right? Or maybe later? I dunno I cant remember when they fixed it, but it was busted like that for a long time.

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What’s even more amazing is how they decided to create batching in the name of #nochanges, and then made the two biggest changes they possibly could: server sizes and layering.


Layering was temporary and only a couple servers are experiencing increased server sizes compared to Vanilla.

I would be fine if they tightened the batch window to something like 15-25 ms. Still giving the chance of cross CC. But MANY spells need to be off the batch loop. Mainly inturupts, but also to stop many of the un-authentic side effects that batching has introduced.

Why would they do no spellbatch when everyone wanted #nochanges in classic? Wouldn’t you want no spellbatch in classic first?

Such as?

Hunter FD/trap interactions and Elemental mastery applying to a shock spell in the same batch.

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Wasn’t changed until TBC.

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While I totally agree, I doubt we will get our wish :frowning: